Moving Forward

I still hate this new update, and moving forward I won’t be active here. I might make an occasional post or two though. What type of content would you be interested in me blogging about? I think I will blog about a wider variety off things besides cats so I can appeal to a wider […]


I’m not sure if I like the old or new version better, but I do like my new profile picture. I definitely will not change it. Though it is a little too close to how I really look… I feel like this version is very similar to KidzTalk, but we’ll see if that’s good or […]

What happened to KidzNet?

Dear KS, Some of you may know me, I joined back in 2016 with some of my buddies. I have been a long-time member of this community and I haven’t always been very active. Recently, I’ve been checking my search history from a couple of years ago and stumbled upon KidzNet, again. So, I chose […]

I’m 11!

I just turned 11 last Monday! Things are great this month. School started in September (IRL) and I missed IRL school SM last year since I went virtual. Since I’m 11 now, my parents now let me walk to school by myself, watch PG-13 movies, and more. My birthday was great! I’m obsessed with Ariana […]

KidzNet Post Submission

Use this form to submit a KidzNet Featured Post. A featured post needs to encourage group discussion. It can be on any subject. If you just have a short update or personal message, please use the Community Wall, the KidzNet Forum, or KidzTalk. Do not include any information that can identify you. All content needs […]

Welcome to KidzNet (again)

Many of you reading this are probably previous KidzNet users. The original version of KidzNet that launched in 2017 was based on a different platform called Open Source Social Network. It had many nice social features, like groups and messaging. However, it also had a lot of issues and often ran much too slow. It […]