@jd2005 for you ALAN WALKER

Who is Alan Walker? Alan Walker is a Norwegian-British music producer, and disc jockey. He shot to fame with his single track, ‘Faded.’ The song was applauded by music lovers all over the world, and it received platinum certification in more than ten countries. Walker was fascinated about computer programming, and graphic designing quite early […]

Novice Rank?

Yassou, KS I noticed that some people (including myself) now carry the Novice Rank. Are there any permissions that come with this rank? Is there a point requirement for the rank? Is it just time-based or do you need to have a certain post requirement? Anyway, thanks for reading – Romi330

Somebody post in Memes Group!

Reasons to join- The cover is Leo Tolstoy. Memes are cool. Anyone can join. We need more than one persons input. I’ll post memes I made if you post something (they’re kind of terrible, but yeah.) I don’t know, but I like bullet points. We need more memes. Okay, yeah. Have a nice day. Here’s […]


KS, sometimes when I post a comment, it posts it multiple times and shows it at the wrong place on the thread. This has happened several times in a comment thread on this post. Thanks in advance!

@autumn for you robolox game

What is Roblox? It’s not a single game, but rather a collection of more than 50m games, all created by it’s community of players. The simplest comparison is to YouTube: A huge library of “user-generated content”, but in this case the content are games rather than videos. Children (and adults) download the Roblox application for […]