What Causes The Northern Lights?

An aurora, also known as the polar lights, is a stunning natural light show in the Earth’s sky. With its vibrant patterns of glowing, colorful lights that appear as flickers, rays, spirals, or curtains, it’s definitely one of the most breathtaking displays in the night sky.  And if you’ve already seen an aurora in person […]

Outsmarting Tricky Verbs

“Cringe Verbs” Have you ever said any of these words? You might be surprised that none of them are even words! They are all errors. See if you know the correct forms. Incorrect  Attackted Brung Busted Clumb Creeped Drownded Et Aten Growed Snuck Stoled Throwed Thunk Drug Correct Attacked Brought Burst/Broke Climbed Crept Drowned Ate […]