Facts about Sphynx cats!

I love Sphynx cats <3 here are some facts about them! 1. Sphynx cats are known to be good cuddle bugs. These cats just love to keep snugged up and cozy with their owners. It’s a means for them to stay warm anytime they feel the need to. Interestingly enough, Sphynx cats’ natural body temperatures […]

Pumpkin and the Cookie Scandal of ’21

Pumpkin and the Cookie Scandal of ‘21 How does a moderately popular user trick dozens of other children and teenagers into making his comment the most liked in (recent) KidzNet history? The answer: Cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? America alone consumes about 2 billion cookies each year, according to the South Florida Reporter. Top cookie […]

A Salute To Heroes

When disasters strike, we are all grateful to the rescue services whose job it is to swoop in and save the day. It’s easy to forget that these people are trained experts, but nonetheless risk their own lives each time they go to work. Perhaps even more astonishing are the ordinary men, women, and children […]