Bitsy_boo1212’s PRIZE!

Hey guys, it’s Artist@TheLouvre! So I keep my promises, and since @Bitsy_boo1212 won the Descendents Competition, here is her PRIZE!!!! A post ALL ABOUT HER!!!!!!! Ok, you guys should all be friends with Bitsy_boo; I’m gonna call her Bitsy! She is so nice! She’s a great friend of mine! I really appreciate her, and you […]

Sports Club!!

Hey, it’s Bitsy_boo1212!! In this Sports Club, we talk about our favorite sports, our favorite sports team, sports we have done, and basically anything sports. We can also talk about sports games. Challenge: Guess the two sports I have done: Hints 1. One of the activities involves a four-person race 2. It is lots of […]

Baking Club!!

In the baking club, we share recipes, ideas, and things we have made!!! This is a safe space where we talk about baking! We can discuss cookies, brownies, cakes, and anything else you want to make!!! Also, maybe where you got your baking utensils in case you need some new utensils. What can I say? […]

Girl Talk!👧🗣

It is me, Artist@TheLouvre! Girls, we can talk about anything! It doesn’t have to be girly! This group is welcome for all girls! Tomboys, Girly Girls, boyish Girls, and more! Any girl is welcome because we are all girls! Have fun, spill the tea🍵, and make friends!😀 PS I’m a girl who likes boy things, […]


Chapter Three: Part One – Young Brownie “Mama!” I stumbled over to Mama’s side, my tummy growling about. “Food where?” We were at the barn, a bit fresher looking with vibrant coats of paint and the scent of freshly chopped wood. Unlike today, though, according to my uncle Simon, all of us animals were cramped […]