Which is Better? Terraria or Minecraft?

Terraria and Minecraft are more similar than you might think. Some of Minecraft is actually inspired by Terraria. One example of that is the wither. The wither has very similar spawning mechanics to Terraria’s bosses. I personally like Minecraft better because you can build in 3 dimensions. I also like Terraria because of its adventuring […]

Bob Ross: A Short Biography

A Colorful Life Of Bob Ross Bob Ross was an extraordinary artist and teacher who changed how people normally view art. But what did he do exactly to accomplish that amazing achievement, and how? To start, Bob Ross was born on October 29, 1942, in Florida in Daytona Beach. He was in a family of […]

Is The 5-Second Rule True?

I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard of this popular belief, the 5-second rule, that the food dropped on the floor is safe to eat if you pick it up within 5 seconds.  You might even have believed at some point that if you pick up food quickly enough, bacteria will not transfer from the floor […]


Hello everyone! Welcome to DANGERdog112’s art contest. This art contest is going to have a theme! The theme is gaming, that includes any board games. Have fun! Remember, the art can be anything from a drawing to a sculpture, to even a complete app! The art is due on June 1st, 2024! (if it’s an […]

My Sucky School Day

Hello my dear friends, how was your day today? Well, mine sucked. Let me tell you the complete story. First, you must know a few things about my life and classmates. I have a medical condition where when im distracted or daydreaming, I make a weird face; I open my mouth as wide as I […]

Archaeologists Reveal The Face Of A 75,000-Year-Old Neanderthal Woman

Around 200,000 years ago, a group of ancient humans called Neanderthals or Homo neanderthalensis lived in Eurasia (Europe and Asia). But they mysteriously became extinct around 40,000 years ago and were replaced by Homo sapiens or modern-day humans. Researchers have studied Neanderthals’ physical appearance and found that they are similar to humans. However, they have […]

Some Cool Shark Facts!

Sharks are some of the coolest creatures in the ocean! With over 500 different species, they come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny little guys to massive giants over 40 feet long. They live in every ocean on earth and play an important role in keeping it healthy and balanced. Despite what you might […]

Haiku Poetry Competition

Have you ever heard of haiku (pronounced high-koo)? It’s a type of Japanese poem that only has three lines. Its format is: Line 1: Five syllables Line 2: Seven syllables Line 3: Five syllables Now, you might be thinking, “What is a syllable?” Well, a syllable is a single sound within a word. For example, […]

Book Club!

Do you love books? I know I do! This is the place for all fellow bibliophiles to discuss books, ask for book recommendations, or chat about books they like. Please only recommend and discuss books with appropriate topics. Everyone is welcome. Have fun, and be kind!

Should I Start A Newspaper?

Hi everyone! I run a newspaper in my neighborhood (I’m the paper girl; I also write the paper), and I really enjoy it. I go to a private school, and we don’t do any all-school activities; yeah, sure, we do Field Day and stuff like that, but me and my friends enjoy writing and illustrating […]