The Environment Group

This group works together to inspire people to take care of the Earth and spread our ideas to other people. We only spread good ideas, and there is one oath to make when you join this group. I promise to treat Earth like it’s my caring, loving Mother. I will follow the ideas that I […]

Destiny 2 Lovers

Hey, people! This is for people who like the game Destiny 2. From what I know, it’s on Xbox and PC. It is an amazing shooter game in which you fight aliens. Let me give you the rundown of them. The Vex This is my favorite species, so they’re going first. They are robotic species […]

A 12-Year-Old Art Prodigy Has Been Compared To Picasso

Andres Valencia, a 12-year-old boy from California, is gaining attention for his large, colorful paintings influenced by Cubism. He creates imaginative artworks using a mix of oil sticks and oil and acrylic paint. When art pieces are large, Andres uses a step ladder to reach them. Recently, Andres painted “Romero,” a medium-sized piece featuring a […]

This Is My Last Term As KN Prez.

Someone else can run and host the elections if they want. I’m out. Anyway, I’m gonna be active here for a bit. Fictional wars will continue soon, just so you know. But here’s a cool thing. After the Texan-Californian War, I’ll have TONS of other stuff for the series. Anyways, two big things that are […]

Amazing Facts #2

Remember my last post about some of the Amazing Facts? If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you can find it here.  I thought you might be interested in learning more. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of more interesting facts you won’t want to miss. Did You Know That….. Australia is […]

Do Cats Actully Have 9 Lives?

We have all probably heard that cats have nine lives. Is it fact or fiction???🤔🤔 Well… DRUMROLL, please. It is a myth, so fiction. Explanation The belief that a cat has “nine lives” is deeply rooted in folklore and has fascinated people for centuries. This expression suggests that cats possess high resilience and can survive […]

Need Advice? Ask Me!

Don’t have anyone to talk to, or do you want to make friends? Then you should join this group! You can talk about life, drama, school, and other things! I have a couple of rules: Have fun! P.S. I will occasionally have competitions and voting. #1 Vote: Should I make another post?(I will count the […]

ADHD… What Is It?

Hello, yunnies! ☆ Today, I’m going to talk about ADHD… A~attention D~deficit H~hyperactivity D~disorder Adhd is a brain disorder where your brain either has hyperactivity, inattentivity, or both. Boys usually have hyperactivity, and girls usually have the inattentive type. Girls and boys can have both. Hyperactivity can be noticed if you move around a lot, […]

Amazing Facts #1

Learning new and interesting facts can be quite fun and satisfying. It helps us learn more and understand our world better. Plus, sharing these facts with others can spark engaging conversations and help us learn new things. So today, I’ll be sharing some mind-blowing facts to get us started. Feel free to join in our […]

Caryl’s Surprise

Okay, guys, I told @caryl that there was a surprise in store for him/her (please answer in the comment section @caryl )! This post is to promote his/her posts! I absolutely LOVE their posts! I find them SO interesting! This is also a place where you can make suggestions for future posts! I’ll start; i really want […]

Tricky Puzzle

I was looking through the Jokes and Riddles category, and I saw this post by Alex-kn-Jason, which was super cool, but it was like 2 years ago. I don’t think a lot of people saw it, so I wanted to revive it. It was a riddle made by Albert Einstein. Here it is: Five houses […]

What Book Series Have You Read?

I’ve read a LOT of books series in my life. My parents really encourage reading in my family so we read quite a bit. In the comments, tell me what book series you’ve read. I’ll go first. Percy Jackson (all of the different series in that), Micheal Vey, Alex Rider, Artemis Fowl, Guardians of Ga’hoole, […]