Anomaly Killer Trailer

This will be like a movie that will be long, and it may have a sequel. Anyway, this story will also have an 11-14 age rating. Enjoy. “Anomaly #17. Stuck in the Dark Hell universe, he’s been messing up the timeline there for decades.” The operator says. “No problem,” Deacon replied. “Alright then. Get in.” […]

Teen Motivation

Hey, friends! I’m here to talk to you about something that might seem boring, but trust me, it’s not. So you know, we just started a Teen help group, and we have to keep it active. That’s why I came up with this topic today. It’s something that can change your life for the better […]

Pizza vs Pasta?

Pizza. It dominates many people’s lives from its humble Italian origin and captivates people across the globe with its delicious flavors. It could well be the most popular food in the world. But we’ve also got pasta. With hundreds of different shapes and sauces (pun intended), it really is a food to have together as […]

A bit About Me!

Hi, as you know, my username is Mesal1kepugz27, but since I can’t tell you my real name, I’ll just give you a hint: it starts with G. Let me tell you some of my favorites. My favorite color is red, and and enjoy eating tomatoes. Pigs are my favorite animals and I love watching Owlhouse […]