The Secret Purpose Behind The Buttons On Your Soda Lids

If you have ever bought a McDonald’s drink at your local McDonald’s restaurant (especially at a drive-thru), you might’ve already inspected and noticed the buttons on the plastic lid of the drink you just bought.  These are the circular buttons labeled “Cola,” “Diet,” “Tea,” “RB,” or “Other,” and the rectangular buttons found underneath them. You […]


A black hole is a cosmic body or space region where gravity is so intense and strong that nothing, not even light or other electromagnetic waves, can escape. There are different types of black holes. These are: Stellar-mass: Stellar-mass black holes are found throughout our Milky Way galaxy and have masses less than about 100 […]

A Brief History Of Popcorn

Let’s be honest. Movie night at home or the cinema won’t be complete without a bag of hot and freshly popped popcorn. With its irresistible aroma that wafts throughout the room and a wide variety of flavors you can choose from, popcorn is definitely a go-to snack for everyone. But have you ever wondered about […]

How to Say “HELLO” in 10 Languages!

Here’s how you can say “hello in 10 of the world’s languages!!! Spanish – Infierno Japanese – こんにちは (Kon’nichiwa) This is such easy, right? French –  bonjour German – hölle Latin – Salve Chinese – 你好 (nǐ hǎo) Russian – привет (privet), not private right? Korean – 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo) Hindi – नमस्कार (namaskar) much unfamiliar […]