Should Pets Be Allowed In School?

There are many exciting ways to help students engage and learn at school—from incorporating games, hands-on projects, student collaboration, or field trips—you name it! By doing these things, teachers can make learning fun and help students rediscover their love for learning.  A common debate that’s been gaining popularity is whether to allow pets in school. […]

Thanksgiving Facts

Today I have some AMAZING facts about Thanksgiving! Also, I know it is a LITTLE late… lol. Lets get started!! Fact #1 – The Christmas song ‘Jingle Bells’ was originally written for THANKSGIVING!!! Fact #2 – Turkey wasn’t on the menu at the first Thanksgiving. Fact #3 – The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 […]

Would You Eat Lab-Grown Meat?

Consumption of meat, such as beef, pork, and poultry, has always been a big part of most people’s daily lives. And for the past decades, consumption of it has increased dramatically worldwide. As the demand for meat consumption continues to grow globally, so does the need to produce them. However, scientists believe consuming too much […]