What are ranks? + Suggestion

Bonjour, KS What is the future of Ranks? I’ve seen the ranks underneath our names. For everyone, it says “Rank: Newbie.” Do these ranks evolve through points/time, or are they static as of now? Also, are there going to be custom ranks for people who request them, like OGs and Legendary? You could as add permissions […]

We went hunting!

My dad and I went deer hunting on Fort Benning. We didn’t find anything yet but we want to get some scent and a deer caller to attract more deer. I want to make chicken-fried Venison from the fillet minion part. It is was pretty chilly outside but I enjoyed it. I also found that […]


Hola, KS I was just thinking, why not add stories. Like the ones in Snapchat and Instagram. Instead of videos, you could post quick little messages. Sort of like a daily status. Status’ would be pretty nice, too! Maybe adding Pronoun settings could be helpful, as well. Just a nice thought I had. – Romi330


I haven’t been around in a while, but whatever happened to the idea for KidzArt? Is that still being made? Or has it been canceled? I’m just curious.