Animal Jam Play Wild and AJ Classic

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This group is for fans of the famous games Animal Jam Play Wild and AJ Classic! Talk about anything about these games!

Before posting and commenting in this group, you need to follow two rules.
Rule 1. Make sure the post or comment is Animal Jam-related.
Rule 2. Make sure the post or comment doesn’t include any harsh words or bullying.

If your post or comment doesn’t follow these two rules, your post or comment will be reported and/or deleted. As long as your post or comment follows these two rules, your post or comment will be safe. Have fun!

You can talk anything about Animal Jam in this group! Rare Mondays, New updates, New Dens, what you like about Animal Jam, Animal Jam books, you name it! You can play Animal Jam for free, on any device! You can download it on your phone and your computer! It’s a win-win!

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