The CORRECT Way To Post On KidzNet


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Hey KidzSearchers!  I assume that you’ve created a post on this platform (That’s literally the point of KidzNet), and I assume that you’ve probably messed it up somehow because according to KidzSearch themselves, there’s been a lot of confusion surrounding this topic.  According to KidzSearch, there has been a lot of confusion about the featured […]

How To Join KidzNet!


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How To Register: Go on KidzNet. Click the Register button right next to the log in button. Fill out the username field. DO NOT use your name or any part of your name in the username! Input your parent’s email address into the Email field. Have parental consent before using their email. Make a password. […]

How To Work KidzNet


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Home Page The home page is for you to see other’s posts. You may click on them if you like to see what others have on their mind. Other’s Posts Once in another’s post, you may read it and comment on it if you so desire. KidzSearch will filter your comment to make sure it […]