Kidzsearch users Impressions (satire)

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Today I am going to make impressions of legendary KS users. This post is satire so don’t cancel me. My own impression is also included.

Romi330 impression:

Kidzsearch said something in the comments so I’m gonna copy and repost it instead of posting original content.

JD2005 comment to literally anything:


Pumpkin impression:

What can I do to start drama today?

Also drama is cringe.

Autumn impression:

I try to start more drama but it never works because I’m a nice person

Knightstar impression:

I will post a meaningful quote or poem on Kidztalk that nobody will answer.

Somveda (Idk how 2 spell ur name)

Here is a bunch of fun facts that nobody asked for!

Kidzsearch impression:

We will add kidzart soon.

*4 years later*

Kidzart is coming soon!

Lol this is just a joke. I just want to start drama. Someone please mess with me.

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