Are flowers Art?

Do flowers have art? The answer is yes! Natural color and form helps them grow. Examples of flower art are all around us with organic geometric shapes and colors that you will love. If you see flowers, think about art first. Please comment below with your thoughts and pictures of flower art.

Rats Wearing Backpacks Are Trained To Rescue Earthquake Survivors

Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods occur yearly around the globe. And sadly, many people are gravely affected, and some lose their lives due to these incredibly destructive disasters.  For earthquakes, it’s a painstaking task to perform search and rescue operations for survivors in collapsed structures. But a group of scientists already devised an […]

What If People Lived in Floating Cities?

Throughout history, humans have been confined to landmasses when establishing permanent settlements. But what if that’s all about to change? What if humans took to the sea, not only to explore it, but to- settle it? If the Seasteading Institute accomplishes its goal of creating the first permanent cities at sea, your future could involve living […]

Fishy Fridays are back!

Hello! If you don’t remember me, or have never met me before, I’m @realfishyboi. I’m guessing I was probably known for being a fairly active non-member on KN. I decided to take a break after a while due to school, but I’m gonna hopefully come back from the grave. If your wondering what Fishy Fridays […]

Art Ideas (my first post)

I love art – whether it be painting or drawing. It is fun and really creative. You can draw a dog or you can paint a tree. You can add some this details, or maybe just a little. You don’t have to be great at art to really enjoy it. Sometimes you may lose motivation or art […]

Cool Facts!

Hello! I have some cool facts to share with you, so  lets start!! Fact #1 – GlaciersGlaciers and ice sheets hold about 69 percent of the world’s freshwater. Fact#2 – Fast WindsThe fastest gust of wind ever recorded on Earth was 253 miles per hour. Fact#3 – Whale SoundsWhale songs can be used to map […]

Halloween Facts!

Hello! Today I’ve got some really cool Halloween facts! Fact #1 – Easter HalloweenPeople in Finland celebrate Easter the way people celebrate Halloween in America! Kids go to houses and ask for candy! Fact #2 – Dancing for TreatsEarly Trick-or-Treaters had to dance for candy. It is the early European practice of “muming.” This is where […]