What Should I Post?

Hello, wonderful people! Today’s news: I’m stumped. I have no clue what my next post should be about. Please give me ideas in the comments; if I, @mesal1kepugz27, like your comment, I’m considering it. Thank you for helping me. I truly appreciate you, but I don’t know what to write! Also, while writing this, I […]

Greek Mythology

All about Greek mythology👽 Hello. I am new on KidzNet. I hope you like this post. First, a little about me. I love Greek mythology (I have tried to read Pegasus books, which are amazing). I also love cats. By the way. This is my first post. Now, here are some rules: Okay, let’s start. […]

~☆New Art Contest☆~

Hi Loves~☆ Remember the art contest I made a while back? I edited it, and it did not get verified in time… so here’s another one!~☆ Rules~☆ ~☆ No pictures with cussing ~☆ No inappropriate images ~☆ Finished and sent in by April 15, 2024 ~☆ Your best art ~ The art will be judged […]

All About Tigers!!!!

Tigers are awesome creatures and I really love them. Here’s some stuff about them – COMMON NAME: Bengal Tiger SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panthera tigris tigris TYPE: Mammals DIET: Carnivore (meat eaters) AVERAGE LIFE SPAN IN THE WILD: 8 to 10 years SIZE: Head and body: 5 to 6 feet; tail: 2 to 3 feet WEIGHT: 240 to 500 pounds Cool Tiger Facts: […]

Scary Story

Um… Hi Loves ♡ So yesterday my stomach hurt. Not to bad, but it kept getting worse and worse. So I went to the nurse at my school and told her that my stomach hurt and she gave me a PEPPERMINT… like that’s gonna do anything. (It turned out that was the worst thing she […]