Apollo 11- #4 The Maiden Voyage

“The Eagle has wings!” radioed Neil Armstrong from the lunar module as he and Buzz Aldrin flew sixty-nine miles above the moon. Four words. There was no doubt of their meaning: The lunar module Eagle had separated from the command module Columbia and was now flying solo. It was ready to descent onto the moon. Big smiles back on Earth, back […]

Charlie’s Frozen Forest

Hello, everyone! I am making a story by the name of Charlie’s Frozen Forest. It is a fun book about a curious penguin with a habit of getting into scrapes. This is a story about his many misadventures with his friends such as Alex (this was written before I ever met @alex , btw.), Gears, […]

2 Riddles Per Day – #14

I present my 14th part today. I hope you’ll enjoy today’s riddles!! What will it be? 1) If you paint a brown house white, it will become a white house. If the stoplight changes from red to green, the light is green. If you color a white paper with a blue pastel it becomes blue. […]

2 Riddles Per Day – #13

Which One? 1) Denica and Eirene are my elder sisters. Both of them wrote two sentences about Ostrich/Ostriches. Which of the following is correct? Denica’s one – Ostrich can fly  Eirene’s one – Ostriches can fly answer – What Color/Colour? 2) In a one-story blue house, there was a blue cat, a blue fish, a […]

Apollo 11- #3 And Upward..

Space… it’s dangerous out there: micrometeoroids, radiation, airlessness. And coming home would be no picnic, either. The compact-car-sized space capsule would be greeted by searing white-hot flames as it slammed madly back down to earth. “In designing the command module, the one thing we had to be sure of was that we could keep the […]

What is a Dyson Sphere?

A Dyson Sphere is something that our descendants may think of doing in the future to meet their energy needs. The idea behind it is to completely enclose a star to capture all of its energy. At this point it is just science fiction, but it may be possible to actually build one if you […]

Apollo 11- #2 Moving Forward

They were going to the moon, all right- at least that was the plan. That was the dream and challenge set forth by one man, President John F. Kennedy, when he declared in May of 1961: “I believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a […]