M&Ms Vs. Skittles (Which is the Best?)

These two candies, M&Ms and Skittles, are fantastic and delicious. Although they both have a round shape, they have wide flavor, texture, and appearance differences. You can enjoy a variety of flavors, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, almond, peanuts, pretzels, and more in M&Ms. In contrast, Skittles only come in fruit flavors. While M&Ms […]

Here’s How to Build A Sandcastle

During summer, people often head to the beach to relax, have fun, enjoy family vacations, or even reconnect with nature. And if you’ve ever gone to the beach before, chances are, you’ve already tried building a sandcastle or seen others do so.  Let’s be honest. Besides basking under the warm sun, feeling the ocean waves, […]

Happy Birthday: @EloquentRacer92!

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, You are my best friend,@eloquentracer922! Happy Birthday, EloquentRacer92. I just found out that it’s your birthday, and I have been here for almost 3 weeks, so that means you are one of my first friends ever on Kidzsearch. I love you and hope you have a great […]

King of Valhalla- INTRO

“Oh mY gOsH, DuDE a ThIRd sErIEs?!” “Yes.” ”But tHaTS tOo mANy-“ ”epepep. Shush.” OKAY! This is based off of stories my friends made up while playing the Fortnite creative game VALHALLA (go play it it’s very good). This story is completely fictional and any relation to actual events is purely coincidental. Anyways, the realms […]

Books I Recommend!

Hello, I am a reader who loves to discover new books! Here are some books I highly recommend! 1. The Housemaid by Frieda McFadden 2. WARD D by Frieda McFadden 3. The Gift by Frieda McFadden 4. Family Tree by ann m. Martain 5. Main Street by ann m. Martain How about you? What kind […]

Family is Forever – Episode 6

Episode 6! Geez! I’ve made it pretty far. Anyways, let’s get to it. *2 years prior to the current events* “Going into round 2, Aaron Richardson is already looking tired; already has bruises. He has never had to go past round 7 in his professional career. He has an incredible chin, but Phillips’ power is […]