Cool Facts About Snakes!

Snakes are part of the Reptila class. Their scientific name is Serpentes. There are around 3,686 species of snakes. The fastest snake in the world is the black mamba. It can slither up to 12.5 mph. They can also lift a third of their body off the ground while slithering. Some species of snakes can […]

Internet KidzSearch Weekly Sometimes Monthly Best Post Awards (IKWSMBPA)

Hi there! I am your host of the Internet KidzSearch Weekly, Sometimes Monthly, Best Post Awards (IKWSMBPA) – such a long word! Let us get started! No 4 is Save Wild Mustangs! By @lovelyllama4242I want to promote this beautiful and emotional article . Please donate for them. The links are https://savethehorses.org Number 3 is:Trick questions […]

I’m Annoyed

List of things that i wish my school would unblock/change: Deadname remover My band website where I do my homework. (I need it for band, but they blocked it??) The restricted website thing, it looks scary, like they are mad at me for attempting to use a plagarisim detector. What things do you wish your […]

A Season of Gratitude

Every last Thursday of November, Thanksgiving is celebrated across the United States. But what is Thanksgiving? How did this holiday begin and, what does this day mean for us now? Thanksgiving was proclaimed a national holiday in 1789 by President George Washington. However, the holiday was celebrated off and on until 1942 when Congress officially […]