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Interlude (Brownie)

I was just taking a nap for 10 minutes. TEN. MINUTES. Yeah, but it could have been a 1-hour nap until Rump woke me up telling me about some welcome party nonsense.

I even heard about some new kid, but I don’t know which animal type. I heard he’s trying to be super popular, which is pretty frowned upon in the barn. I know I’m popular among the cows, but that’s only because I didn’t try. This new kid is tryna be popular, so don’t point at me. [OK, cut back to the scene.] 

I also heard that because he said an “absolute fire” comeback to Carol, according to Rump, and she’s the one who usually says the “absolute fire” insults to destroy the other barn members.

Being brave enough even to try taking a chance to insult Carol takes guts. And even Carol herself is praising the new kid for such an “absolute fire” comeback. (Okay, okay, I’ll stop the “absolute fire” thing; Rump’s pressuring me to start saying this every day, and I’m finding it annoying, too. Where’d he even get that phrase? Young Humans, I guess.) Guess that’s why the new kid became a total celebrity in the literal first 8 minutes of his first day here, so mission accomplished for him.

As I walked over to the welcome party, brace yourself because what I’m going to tell you next will be super unexpected.

I trotted over to where Rump was waiting, along with a few other cows. Even Gerald. There, my jaw dropped. The fences dividing us animals were run and trampled over, and all the different animal species were mixed with one another. This gave me a total heart attack. And not to be mean, but this shouldn’t happen. It should not have ever, ever happened.

herd of cattle standing near house

Yes, they were having a good time, but you never know when all the fun and all the games will stop and be over. And since this chaos is happening now, I might as well tell you the events on Barn Battle One, (BB1 for short) and the flabbergasting ending.

Heya! This isn’t a new chapter, but more of a… DRUMROLL PLEASE! Dundundudndun.. you guessed it! Interlude! (You can tell from the so-called “chapter’s” name, lol.) For my folks who don’t know, Interlude, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means “an intervening or interruptive period, space, or event: INTERVAL”.

In short, it basically means a short break between something. In other words, one of the “recesses” of this story, if you will! I just wanna anticipate my dear readers (A.K.A. you guys! :D) for the epic chapter that’s to come!

Though, it’s also kinda to save pages, y’know, because of the 6-page per chapter limit? Wait- what pages? Welp- it turns out I write my articles/stories on Google Docs, then copy them onto here! I dunno why, maybe to save my progress? I don’t even know, heh!

As I was saying, whenever I write chapters, it’s usually 6 pages. The interlude was two pages, so 6 minus 2 equals 4, giving me less space to write the plot for the upcoming chapter. (Wow, an entire speech just to say this was an interlude?)

Anyway, I look forward to an epic chapter, which MIGHT be put into TWO chapters cause it’s Brownie’s action-packed backstory. See ya next time!

– sublimeorange942

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