ADHD… What Is It?

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Hello, yunnies! ☆

Today, I’m going to talk about ADHD…





Adhd is a brain disorder where your brain either has hyperactivity, inattentivity, or both. Boys usually have hyperactivity, and girls usually have the inattentive type. Girls and boys can have both.

Hyperactivity can be noticed if you move around a lot, like tapping your finger or even chewing your nails. If you see kids walking around the classroom, they probably have hyperactive adhd.

Inattentive ADHD can be noticed if you see someone daydreaming or getting distracted easily by doodling or humming.

Just like autism, there are levels of ADHD…

1 ~ Gets distracted easily/daydreams or taps/hums.

2 ~ Gets distracted easily and walks around often or doodles. Strong emotions. Often comes with anxiety.

3 ~ Does not pay attention much at all walks around more, and is more physical. Emotion management may need help.

4 ~ May have anger management issues and are very physical and verbal. Does not pick up on social cues—borderline autism.

My experience with ADHD~

I have level 2 ADHD. When I was little, I was more inattentive and got distracted easily. My kindergarten teacher thought I did not have ADHD, so when my parents came to talk to her about it, she denied it!

I got tested 2 years later and found out I do have it! I often zone out or hyperfocus (when you get into something like a drawing and forget to do anything else…sometimes I do it for hours without realizing it!)

I have both types now…along with bad habits such as chewing my nails…oops. I also misplace things VERY often, haha. I have strong emotions and get into arguments frequently, especially with parents and teachers.

I have anxiety but not GAD  (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), thankfully. I still do have panic attacks, but not frequently.

Please be sure to tell me about your experience with ADHD! Should I post more on mental health?

Bye, yunnies!♡

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