Good Movies For 10+ and 11 Year-Olds

The Chronicles of Narnia –   Four siblings discover a mysterious land full of adventure.Series Titles: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe / Prince Caspian  /The Voyage of The Dawn Treader Jingle all The Way–   A dad aims to find his son a toy that is all sold out for Christmas. Home Alone–  A […]

4 Learning Styles

Have you ever stared at a formula on the classroom wall and it looks like gibberish written in a foreign language? Have you ever been in class and for some reason all you hear is the teacher’s voice from the Charlie Brown movies? Never fear, these things do not mean something is wrong with your […]

Dragon Crossroad: This Is A Dragon?

Apparently humans think THIS is a dragon. Just to prove my point, here are my verdicts: A Komodo “Dragon” looks like this: And I look like this: See the difference? Although we look different, there are some similarities. A Komodo dragon is 10.3 feet long (3.13 m), 154 pounds (70 kg), but goes only about […]

Weird Stock Photos (Part 1)

What’s up, KidzSearchers!  Who’s ready to cringe? I sure am because today we’re going to be reviewing weird stock photos. In case you somehow don’t know what a stock photo is, I’ll fill you in. People sometimes need to use images for their projects, and instead of taking the photo yourself, it can be easier […]

Dragon Crossroad: Prey Facts

In Australia, dragons like to snack on kangaroos (Sorry to all the kangaroo lovers out there).  They run at a blazing 43 miles per hour (69 kilometers per hour). But getting a whole 100 pounds of meat is anything but a chore. In the olden days, when there were more farmers than grass, a dragon […]


Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system and has an average surface temperature of around 450° C. Of all the planets in our solar system (apart from Earth), Mars is the one most likely to be hospitable to life. There are between 200-400 billion stars and estimated to be billions of galaxies, so […]

Sports Jokes

Side note: These are dad jokes so the may be corny. Why was Cinderella thrown of the soccer team? Where do golfers go after a game? Did you hear which ocean wave won the race? Why is a football stadium so cold? Special thanks to KidzSearch for adding the hide/show detail on my last post: […]