How To Write A Paragraph In Html?

Hello:) Today we will talk about paragraphs in HTML. Paragraphs are blocks of content separated by blank lines or indentations. To write a paragraph we will need to use the <p> tag. Example: Next, you will open the file and the paragraph will show output like in the photo below: Homework: Make an HTML paragraph […]

HTML Group

Hello:) In this group we will post some HTML tips. If you want to help, you can post tips too! If you have a problem, please post it in the comments, or in an individual group, but put this group as the category button, or mention these users: @HTML-codes (me) @basha

Apollo 11- #5 Alarms

BAM! Suddenly, the master alarm in the lunar module (LM) rang out for attention with all the racket of a fire bell going off in a broom closet. “Program alarm,” astronaut Neil Armstrong called out from the LM in a clipped but calm voice. “It’s a twelve-oh-two.” “1202,” repeated astronaut Buzz Aldrin. They were 33,500 […]


Quasars are still an unsolved mystery from scientists. Are quasars real? They are similar to stars that “throw” radiologic (high-energy radiation) signals. Quasars were discovered in 1960. It is believed that they could be 18 million light years away from us. Their existence is found by their interaction/lighting with other things in the universe. It […]

Who Would KidzNet Users Be As A Family?

Have you ever wondered who KN users would be as a family? @Kidzsearch will definitely be our dad, who’s always helpful and really cool with everything. Apparently, @dukesilver  our Percy-like Big brother who protests rule-breaking. @flowermagic1234 will be our cool next elder who’s really playful, fond of cats,  and who gets really crazy on pizza. @pumpkin […]

The Game For Bookworms

Home Base is an online world filled with your favorite books and characters. You can play games, earn tokens, buy outfits for your avatar and furniture for your home! You can connect to Newsfeed and express yourself by writing fan fictions and roleplays, create comics and polls, and just talk about books! I recommend this game […]