I’m abusing the shark topic, but idc honestly. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FIGHT OF THE MILLENNIUM! +++++ Megalodon: It’s an absolutely massive shark with a bite force of 40,000 PSI, a length of 20m, and a weight of more than 50 tons! Its teeth were 7 inches in height, built for tearing and shredding! Megalodon […]

Goodbye (Maybe)

Hi, all of you guys! You probably all know me (well, maybe), but I think you all are starting to notice I am being less and less active. Well, first off, I don’t have the time (by that, I mean I’ve got so much school to do), and I also lost the election (just check […]

Goldville EP. 1

Another criminal series. Yeah, but this will last longer. Rating system real quick: GFPS (Good for preschoolers) FTOC (For the older children) FTMC (For the mature children) AL12 (At least 12) This is FTMC. +++++ “Charlie Jefford. You’re a 31-year-old man, you’ve got barely over three thousand dollars to your name, and you leave your […]

Scientists Propose A Giant Space Sun Shield To Help Combat Global Warming

For more than 100 years, scientists have been studying global warming and its disastrous effects, one of our planet’s most critical issues.  From heat waves, severe storms and flooding, and increased drought to changing weather patterns, melting glaciers and warming oceans, rising sea levels, loss of species, and even health risks, these catastrophic effects of […]


(Introduction) There it was. The mysteriously powerful aftershock somehow blasted California off of the earth. I hoped this was an April Fool’s Day joke, but I checked the calendar and must’ve opened an umbrella inside my… home. I honestly have no idea.  Something should have happened for me to get this rotten luck, but I […]

Siberian Husky

Welcome, everyone! Today’s topic is the Siberian husky. These majestic animals are purebred and come up to around 20 to 33 inches at the shoulders. They originated from Siberia, Russia. These perfect pups are friendly and social. In adulthood, they weigh around 35 to 60 pounds. These dogs are energetic and love getting exercise on […]


Hello and welcome to a study into living with autism. (This might be a bit rushed or very badly said) I’m autistic, so I have a sort of condition in my brain that acts differently than a normal brain.. Things like smell, touch, and hearing senses are very different than normal senses (Hopefully I got that right) […]