Outsmarting Tricky Verbs

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“Cringe Verbs” Have you ever said any of these words? You might be surprised that none of them are even words! They are all errors. See if you know the correct forms. Incorrect  Attackted Brung Busted Clumb Creeped Drownded Et Aten Growed Snuck Stoled Throwed Thunk Drug Correct Attacked Brought Burst/Broke Climbed Crept Drowned Ate […]

Make Life Easy For KS Editors

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The editors at KidzSearch work so hard, let’s all give them a vacation for awhile okay? Here are someย Ways to Make Life Easier for KidzNet Editors! Way Number 1: Write in your own words! Editors may have to rewrite or disapprove of your post if all there is on it is copy/pasting from other websites. […]