Make Life Easy For KS Editors

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The editors at KidzSearch work so hard, let’s all give them a vacation for awhile okay?

Here are some Ways to Make Life Easier for KidzNet Editors!

Way Number 1:

Write in your own words! Editors may have to rewrite or disapprove of your post if all there is on it is copy/pasting from other websites.

Way Number 2:

Check that spelling! Misspelling means editors have to fix your work! Also make sure you are using good dialogue. Grammar Matters!

Way Number 3:

Make your writing easy! Read back over your posts once you are finished and make sure you can understand it. If the editors can’t, other kids can’t, and they will edit and rewrite your post then.

Way Number 4:

Help yourself to some topics! Don’t just say on your post, “Hey guys by the way I have got to 1,000 points and that is all, bye.” Things like that belongs on the community wall.

Way Number 5:

Size Up! The featured picture on your post should be around 1200wx600h.

That’s All!

Note to KidzNet editors reading  this: We Appreciate You!

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