I Would Love To Talk!!!

If you want to be friends, don’t fear asking!!! I love people and have a lot in common with lots of them. Here are a few things I like:  Minecraft Cats Animal Crossing New Horizons/ New Leaf Talking to people Making friends Food Dogs YOU! Jokes Acting Creepers Cake Being nice Posting on KIDZNET RATS […]

Facts about Naruto

Naruto is a long-running TV show that has grown an audience worldwide because of its humor and epic action scenes. The show has over a thousand episodes that span three different shows. There are many hidden facts about Naruto, so I am here to share them with you. The voice actor for the main character, […]

The Interesting History of the Potato Chips

Potato chips, also called crisps, are one of the most popular snacks consumed worldwide today. It comes in a variety of flavors—from the classic, cheese, and sour cream, to barbecue, among others. For many people, a movie night or picnic won’t be complete without potato chips. But have you ever wondered how this favored snack […]


Sorry, I forgot about this for so long! I saw another post about an art contest and realized I forgot to announce the winner for this! If you didn’t win, then don’t get sad because all of your art was amazing! Now to announce the winner! In the first place, we have @alex (entered under […]

What is Your Zodiac Sign??

Hello, friends! What is your Zodiac sign? In astrology, the zodiac signs refer to the 12 specific zodiac constellations the sun passes through. Your birthdate will guide you toward the sun sign you were born under. Mine is a Scorpio. Just in case you don’t know what your zodiac is, here are the zodiacs. Aries: […]

2023 KidzNet Art Contest

This was inspired by @imnayeon, who did this before. The buzz about her is that she’s getting a TWICE album signed! Congrats! To celebrate her, I’m going to hold another art contest! If you’ve participated in hers, you know the rules. But if you didn’t, here they are: You can take photographs of your artwork […]

YO – My Minecraft Skins

Heyo, homies. I drew my Minecraft skins the other day, and I thought, why not post them??? Here it is: I really hope you like them!!! But I also thought I would send my other drawings sometime… SOO, if this is liked enough…you might get to see my FAVORITE drawings of all time, and I […]