Diep.io, and its similar brother, arras.io, are the world’s salute to tanks. Let’s begin. Diep.io is a tank game where you have to collect squares, triangles, and pentagons to level up to bigger tanks. You shoot other players and try to stay alive. There are different modes of play, such as Free For All, Survival […]


Today I’m going to talk about surviv.io, which is an online game. Surviv.io is a game with a story and guns, BUT NO VIOLENCE!! First, I’m going to tell you the main objective: Win and Survive It’s Battle Royale, but with squads and teams. Modes There are some modes that change throughout the week. Desert: […]

Shell Shockers.io- Game Series

Hello guys. Today we are going to talk about an io game. It’s called Shell Shockers. Shell Shockers is a game where you play with eggs and shoot other eggs for survival. It’s a 3d game. It’s not violent. By the way, when I kill a egg there it says “Dash201 Poached esie.” They are […]

Cordyceps: The Mind-Controlling Fungus

Have you ever heard of a fungus that takes over insects through mind control and turns them into living ‘zombies’? Well, if you haven’t yet, let me introduce Cordyceps to you. Cordyceps, mostly found in tropical forests or jungles, is a parasitic fungus known for infecting insects by releasing spores that attach and penetrate its […]