What is a Dyson Sphere?

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A Dyson Sphere is something that our descendants may think of doing in the future to meet their energy needs. The idea behind it is to completely enclose a star to capture all of its energy. At this point it is just science fiction, but it may be possible to actually build one if you have an advanced enough civilization.

A Dyson Sphere (concept model)

Here are the basic theoretical steps

Step 1: You will require lots of materials to build the structure and may need to dismantle a whole planet. We will take planet mercury because it is rich in metals, close to the sun, and has much less gravity than earth.

Step 2: We will need to send robots to mercury and a very small group of astronauts who will operate the robots.

Step 3: Design. We will need sets of mirrors,  a lot of them to reflect the light to solar collectors.

That’s all. I hope you enjoyed it and that it got you thinking.

Please comment below. Do you think other planets with life have already built one? If so, we may be able to detect one by looking for giant structures around a star, or observing the way light pulses in a special way which would be different than a regular star.

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