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They started level two. Steve again ignoring majority rule, skipped the intro plot. 

When they started the level, they were divided into teams. Valorie was with Hal, Adriene was with Annabeth and Steve was with Alex. Everyone split up to find Hex. 

Alex had a horrid feeling that Hex was in the last level. 

Steve drew his glave and started slaying mobs. When they got to the cave, there was a message on the wall. 

The message read To save Hex you have to bring me the shard of control. If you don’t give it to me within two weeks Hex will DIE. -Archie

Alex then started to cry. Steve just laughed at Alex. 

Alex then glares at Steve and yells “This isn’t funny! Hex is in serious danger!”

Steve continued laughing.

Alex yelled “What’s so funny?!”

Steve responded “You’re crying!”

Alex asked “Steve…..Are you SURE you’re okay?”

Steve began to feel more evil. He yelled “YES!”

Alex said “Just curious because I’m worried about you.”

Then they left the cave. 

Steve asked “Uhh Alex….What would happen if I accidentally held the orb of dominance?” 

Alex quickly looked at Steve and said “What an odd thing to say. I’m sure it’s just hypothetical. You would want to get an army of hostile mobs and destroy every person that crosses you. Why do you ask? Did you touch the orb?”

Steve said “Maybe”

Then all the other groups met up with Alex and Steve.

Everyone said “Nothing.”

Except for Hal’s group.

Hal said “we found a note reading Find the fragment of power.”

Everyone else asked “So was Steve worthless like last time?” 

Alex glared at everyone else and said “Nope! I now have a clue about how to save Hex! We have  to find the shard of control and get it to Archie within two weeks.”

Hal said “But…the shard of control has been missing for years.”

Alex said “And the fragment of power is in the Fiery forge!”

Alex said “Oh yeah! Once we get back at camp, we have to go to the bookshelves in the house and check!”

Steve said “Actually the shard of control is the missing fragment of the orb of dominance, To find it we must combine a corrupted beacon, totem of regeneration, tasty bone,  50 emeralds and a wonderful wheat.”

Alex looked at Steve confused and said “Do you have a book at home that says that?”

“Probably…that’s the only place I get any info.” 

Alex felt relieved. She asked Steve “Do you want to go back?” 


“Okay next we’re doing soggy swamp”

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