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In Soggy Swamp everyone wanted different partners. Except Alex. Alex got put with Adrien, Hal with Anna and Steve with Valorie. They all split up 

Before Steve and Valorie set off, Valorie said “Now Steve! I do NOT just want you to be dead weight. I can detect if someone is evil and why they are evil…So don’t try to be funny!”

Steve nodded and said “Okay Val!”

“You haven’t earned the right to call me that!”


“It’s okay….You seem …. nice. Now let’s get started.”

And they headed off. 

They fought everything. Steve kept getting the spoils of battle. 

After Steve had gotten the 20th spoil he didn’t earn, Val said “Steve! Did you ever hold the orb of dominance? I can tell if you are lying and if you are lying I can make your life VERY unpleasant”

Steve gulped nervously and tugged his collar. He then said “Well … I may have. But, I didn’t know what it did at the time!”

Val looked at Steve worried. She got a hold of Alex using the headset. She said “This is eagle! Everyone come to the outside of the corridor NOW!” 

About ten minutes later, everyone arrived. Val pushed Steve and said “What did you do to the orb?”

Steve said “Well, when I first got here. I went to an island crawling with guards. I slayed them all. I then found a weird end crystal thing and picked it up and I felt a strong tingle all over. I put it down only when I couldn’t take how strong the tingle was. I then asked Alex what does the orb of dominance does because I held the orb for an extended period of time”

Alex then ran over to Steve and said “My special little shmoopie! You held the orb?! Are you okay?” 

Valorie yelled “Get away! He’s evil!”

Alex hugged Steve and Steve pushed her away. 

Everyone said “Alex, what’s going on with you and Steve?”

Alex said “Love. Okay? I love him but I’m not sure if he loves me back.”

Anna said “Alex just dump him now. I don’t want your heart to break again. In case you were wondering why I said again, she had a love back in this game, the person died a horrible death.”.

Anna said “We have to save Steve as well as Hex. “

Alex said “Come on! We’ce got to save Hex!”

And they entered the chamber. 

Steve heard an enderman first thing when he entered. The enderman then teleported to the group. 

Steve said “But…no one looked at it!“

Hal said “Not how it works here.”

Everyone worked together on defeating it. Steve just attacked once. 

Then they moved on. Once they had left the corridor, they headed towards the corrupted cauldron. 

Once there, Archie appeared along with Hex. Hex was still in the cage. 

Archie cackled and summoned the cauldron. 

When the cauldron appeared, Steve asked “Is this the evil magenta cauldron?”

Alex said “Nope. It’s the corrupted cauldron”

Steve nodded and yelled “Archie! I want to join you!”

Archie then appeared and asked “Steve! I have no use of you…unless you can purposefully put one of your friends into danger.”

Steve said “Let me think about it!”

Archie nodded and said “Okay you have until the redstone monstrosity.”

Alex said “Achie, is there any way to save Steve?”

Archie said “Yes…You have to sacrifice him to me!”

Everyone but Alex said “Yes! He’s worthless!”

Alex however yelled “You expect us to trust you?!”

Archie then vanished. The team began to fight the cauldron. 

Hal, Valorie and Adriene fought the mobs. Anna, Alex and Steve fought the cauldron. 

They finished the battt;e in about five minutes.

They then went back to camp. 

Once at camp Alex was carefully thinking if they should sacrifice Steve. 

Everyone else was explaining the game to Steve.

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