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Once they started level one they had to watch the intro plot. 

Everyone except Steve wanted to see it. 

Steve skipped it because he wanted to ignore majority rule. 

Once the level had started, Steve said “How do we do this? Is it PvP?”

Alex glared at Steve and said “Nope! It’s mob combat”

Steve nodded and said “Difficulty level? “

Anna said “Uhh easy” 

Alex said “Uhh yeah easy.” 

The group set off slaying all the mobs. 

Steve just casually strolled through the level.

Alex wasn’t worried though. This is because she thought he hated mob combat after being insistent on not fighting any mobs when she was with him in regular Minecraft. 

When they got to  the end of the level, everyone glared at Steve. 

Alex yelled “You are supposed to fight mobs in this game! I mean I know you HATE mob combat but….you are supposed to do it in this game!”

Steve nodded and said “Okay. Sorry I am just a big goofball.”

Once back at camp Alex hugged Steve. She said “You’re a goofball. But, you’re MY special little goofball.”

Steve thought Is she in love with me?! The person who didn’t let her trade with villagers when she asked?1

Alex said “So…?”

Steve said “So what!?”

“Do you love me?”


Alex was beginning to feel worried because she was sure he would at least try and sugar coat it.

She asked “My special little goofball are you okay?”

“Uhh Yes”

Alex was extremely relieved that Steve was okay.

Steve’s started to feel unexplained evil come over him.

Alex said “Well….Nothing there. We have to move on”

Steve said “Misty Meadows next!”

Alex said “Steve! Again! Not a level!”

Annabeth asked “What do you see in him?”

Alex responded “He has an inner goodness that only I can see.”

Valorie said “Inner goodness?! HA! All he does is stroll through life not fighting anything!”

Alex said “Okay we’ll see about that! Steve, have you ever fought anything that isn’t a person before?” 

“Yes. I kill things for food and XP sometimes. Although I rarely do”

Alex said “See?! I told you he has!”

Anna said “Sorry I doubted you”

Alex said “it’s okay. Now to Creeper woods!” 

Everyone but Steve was looking forward to the level. Steve just didn’t participate when everyone put their hands in.

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