MCN’s Minecraft Story (Revised)

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Hello! I revised MCN's Minecraft story! Credit to her for making it!

Steve was about to leave his house for the morning. When he looked out his window, he saw an illager raid. He knew he didn’t cause it. He always has milk in his inventory in case he ever needs to instantly clear a status effect such a bad omen. Then he noticed a tiny house made of oak planks. Steve was confused. As far as back as he could remember, he had been the only one in the village; well, except for the villagers. Scanning the village, he saw someone he had never seen before. The other person was being chased by two creepers and an illager. When she got to her house , one of the creepers blew it up. Instinctively, she sprinted to the next house over and the other creeper almost blew up the entire house! Steve was under the impression that this unknown intruder was a griefer. The she would destroy his village! Steve ran out of his house with his lucky enchanted diamond sword in hand. He ran up to the creeper and killed it. He then destroyed the illager raid, after much work.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the stranger. “Who are you? This is my village, and you destroyed one of the villager houses!”

She hung her head. “Oh, I’m sorry. I am new to this difficulty level.”

“Is that an excuse?”

“It’s not. I really am new to this difficulty.”

“Okay, you can stay at my house until your house is rebuilt.”

The new one stuttered, “But, that house took me four days to build because I kept getting killed by hostile mobs. Even phantoms!”

“Okay, please tell me you had or have at least a crafting table and some tools.”


Steve sighed. “Well, my house is right over…”

He looked at where he thought his house used to be and saw it was just a hole in the ground.

“What! YOU DESTROYED MY HOUSE? Oh, come on!”

She looked at Steve and said, “Jeez dude, isn’t that your house?” and pointed at his house.

Steve looked where she was pointing and said “Yes. Hey, how come you know what house I came out of, but don’t know you are not supposed to build at night?”

The newcomer said “Well, I am just not good at this game! Is that a crime?!”

Steve looked at where her house once stood and then back at the new one. He said, “If you want to live in my village, it is! Now come on. Let’s get you inside before the hostile mobs come out.”

She then walked toward Steve’s house he repaired the villager house that was destroyed by the creeper before heading in.

The new one was still outside his house when he came. “Excuse me, can you help me get into this house? There is a lava pool there, and that stuff kills you, if I’m not mistaken.”

Steve pulled the lever which created a small granite bridge over the lava trap. They went into Steve’s house.

The newcomer was impressed about how big it was. Steve went over to one of his bookshelves and pulled down a book that was titled “Difficulty Log”. Steve leafed to the normal difficulty chapter and saw that she wasn’t in there. Then he looked in the peaceful mode chapter and saw she was there.

Steve looked at her and said, “I’m sorry I doubted you. This really is your first time in this difficulty. Well, at least in the last five years.”

Steve chuckled to himself.

The newcomer said “Sorry, I have to go.”

Steve looked out the window. It was night.

“Why don’t you spend the night here?”

“I really shouldn’t.”

“I insist! What’s your name?”

“I am Alex. Who are you?”

Then Steve saw a greifer.

“The name’s Steve! Hurry, to the basement!

Steve flipped a lever on his way to the basement. The lever caused the lava moat to expand to 5 blocks instead of one.

Alex flipped a lever which exposed Steve’s secret loot chest. Steve flipped the lever back which hid the chest again.

They then ran to the basement and went to sleep.

At the crack of dawn, Alex woke up and tiptoed to the main floor. She wood creaked under her foot and woke up Steve.

Steve yawned and asked, “Alex! Where are you going?”

Alex knew Steve wouldn’t approve of her killing some mobs, so she said, “I am seeing if the griefer is gone…”

Steve nodded and said, “Okay, you do that. But remember, DON’T KILL ANY MOBS AT ALL!”

Alex said, “Okay, I won’t.”

Alex sprinted out of the house and right into the lava.

Steve heard the screams of Alex and ran up to the main floor when he saw what had happened. Steve narrowed the lava trap with the piston and put a boat in the lava. He told Alex to get in.

Alex climbed in the boat and said, “Thank you Steve. That happens more often than you think.”

Steve looked at Alex and said, “Okay so, time to get you inside. Steve ran inside and got a lava bucket and a grass block.

Steve placed the grass block on the block right in front of the boat and told Alex “Get on the grass block by the boat.”

Alex climbed onto the grass block and onto the side of the moat with the house. Steve then destroyed the boat and the grass block.

Alex sighed and asked, “So, trade with villagers?”

“Well, I have to mine for at least a few minutes.”

“Oh, come on!” She drew her wooden sword.

“Can’t you do better than that? I have an enchanted netherite sword. Give me a real challenge.”

“Well, then I challenge you to a pvp battle! First one to die loses!”

“Okay, It will happen tomorrow at noon sharp!”

“Why not now?”

Steve said, “Well, I want you to have at least an iron sword, I want you to be able to prepare… and I need to build the arena!”

“Okay, Steve!” she said cockily.

“Netherite is the strongest tool. And armor is allowed but only iron maximum! And you must have one enchantment on everything you will use! And you may NOT use my enchantment table!

Alex was nervous. She had no enchanting table. She wasn’t willing to take the risk of using Steve’s enchanting table. So, she just went to her friend Carly’s house and asked if she could borrow her enchanting table.

Carly rolled her eyes. “Well, Steve told me not to let you…So, NO!”

Alex started to pout. “Come on! It’s for a PvP battle that requires everything to be enchanted.”

“Well ….okay!”

Alex entered Carly’s house and walked over to the enchanting table. Alex pulled out her sword and was about to enchant it when Carly said “Woah there! Here, borrow my enchanted diamond sword and enchanted iron armor. I have a few extras. And you may practice your PvP on me.”

Alex nodded. They were soon outside, and as Carly beckoned Alex to come at her Alex did a full blown sprint at Carly.  With one blow all of Alex’s armor and tools Carly had lent her broke.

Carly cleared her throat. “Well, you need to find your own supplies now. BYE!” And pushed Alex out.

Alex finally decided she would need to make her own tools. After much hard work, she mined out 30 iron and smelted it in a furnace. With it, she crafted a full suit of armor, a pickaxe, a sword, and a shield. Alex then started her hunt for diamonds. She guessed she was extremely lucky, for when she entered the mine under Steve’s house she snagged enough for an enchanting table, a sword, and another full suit of armor.

She was about to leave, when Steve entered the mine. When he saw all his precious diamond ore was gone, he yelled, “WHY YOU LITTLE CIRCLE! THAT DIAMOND ORE TOOK ME FOREVER TO FIND! GET OUT OF MY MINE!”

Alex ran out in fear, accidentally dropping 5 of the diamonds she mined.

Alex was going to craft a chestplate last. But when she got to that part, she realized she didn’t have enough. She just used iron armor. After much exploring, she got some lapis out of a chest she found in the neighboring village.

Steve said, “Well, it’ll be gladiator combat, where everything goes. The battle will begin tomorrow.”

I better train for this battle,” Alex thought.

Steve knew he would win, because he had the strongest enchantments known to Minecraft on all his tools and armor. Why shouldn’t he win?

Then Steve remembered his gladiator combat arena took a day to get to.


“But what about training?!”

“Hostile mobs will be harder to defeat than I will,” Steve replied. Then he chuckled to himself and said under his breath, “Not.”

Alex came back and beamed “Really?!”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Can there be an audience for the battle?”

“Well, Okay, I’ll post it on my accounts and all my fans will be there. You can do whatever you want to get your ‘fans’ to show up…. EXCEPT directly ask them….Unless they are on our way to the arena.”

Steve went into his house and logged onto his MCKidzTalk account and typed, ‘ATTENTION FANS: Show up at gladiator combat arena tomorrow at NOON SHARP. Bring friends,’ and posted it. The post was instantly approved.

Steve then got his building supplies and left his house. He found by a tree Alex with a depressed look on her face and apparently in a very melancholy mood.

She stuttered, “My best friend won’t be able to attend tomorrow. Couldn’t we reschedule?”

Steve scratched his chin. “I can’t! I already told my fans it’ll be tomorrow.”

“Can’t you just tell them it’s rescheduled?”

“Not really. Who is your friend?”

“Her name is Annabeth…”

“Well, she told me she will be there”


Steve nodded.

Steve said goodbye to all his friends in the neighboring village. He knew he would not be gone more than three days, but something was telling him it would be much, much longer.

“Alex, time to go!”

“Okay. Can I fight hostiles on our adventure? I think I need a little practice.”

“Why not?”

And they left for their adventure.

Steve and Alex headed north towards the arena.

They stopped for the night in a desert biome. Alex wanted to stop in the swamp biome, but Steve knew they were too dangerous.

When Steve was sleeping, Alex snuck out to the nearby swamp biome.

Alex found a bunch of hostiles to defeat. But she forgot her sword. She decided to just use her bow. Which she was better with, anyways. Alex defeated a few slimes and a witch. Then she noticed the sun was beginning to rise, so she decided she better head back. She was walking to the house when a creeper showed up out of nowhere. She tried to run away from it and was almost back to the house when it blew up and destroyed nearly half of the small building. Steve woke up and found Alex standing in the middle of the crater.

Steve was furious. “I WANTED YOU TO STAY IN THE HOUSE WITH ME!” he shouted, apparently in a sour mood by being nearly blown up by a creeper in his sleep. “WHY DID YOU GO OUT?”

Alex hung her head. “I-I-I didn’t know!”

Steve sighed and said, “It’s fine. Better we continue our adventure than standing around. Let’s go.”

Steve gathered the remnants of his house and they started to head east.

Just before they got to the desert biome the arena was in, Steve said “Alex, Step on the EXACT blocks I step on. There are many traps here.”

Steve went in a weird pattern to navigate the traps. Alex mistepped at the very end. Luckily, the trap she activated was just a water pit trap.

When they got to the arena, it was 20 minutes to noon. The stands were packed.

Steve saw the announcer hadn’t arrived yet. He got all tensed up. The announce made the fights more interesting, and Steve hoped he would get here before they started.

Then the announcer came sprinting in yelling, “Sorry I’m late! My horse kind of needed a break.”

Then the announcer saw Steve, burrowed his face in his hands, and said, “Oh my gosh. I am in trouble now. I always need to arrive before Steve and his opponent do!”

Steve said, “It’s okay Oliver. I understand.”

“Thank my lucky stars! I was worried I would have to compete against you!” A weird sound came out of Oliver’s mouth that sounded like a cross between a whimper and a chuckle.

“Oh no, no, no! I would NEVER make you do that”

“That’s a big weight off my mind. Whew!”

He nodded to Oliver, looked at Alex, and said, “Alex, you go to the one iron doorway. I’ll go to the diamond doorway.”

Steve and Alex headed into their rooms. Steve was just sitting on the couch in his room being cocky, but Alex was pacing the floor with worry. Steve went over and pressed to button to show that he was ready.

An announcement came on the loudspeakers. It said “Steve has given the signal. Opponent, press the button in your room when you are ready.”

Alex went over to her button and pressed it.

Steve’s doorways slid open. Steve ran out waving to the crowd blowing kisses. Everyone was cheering when he came out. Alex slowly came out waving to the crowd. The crowd was booing her when she came out, but she didn’t mind. “Come on Alex, follow me,” Steve said. He led her to a room with eight beds.

“Set your respawn point with the light gray bed.” She did just that and Steve did the same on a different bed.

Oliver was back in his own sphere. He was an expert at announcing. “Alex, challenged Steve to a PvP battle a few days ago,” he said. “Steve accepted, because you know Steve- he never turns down a PvP challenge.”

Two microphones dropped in front of the competitors.

Steve said, “I’m Steven Sylvester Oliver Swapnil Stevenson Stonecutter. Everyone calls me Steve. This is my 201st PvP battle. I have only lost 10 of them… “

Alex looked around and then said, “Not sure what to say here, but here it goes. My name is Alexis Evelyn Aster Elizabeth Meridith Altiris. But everyone calls me Alex. This is my first PvP battle.

Everyone started laughing. Some shouted, “You know Steve is the best PvP player of all time!”

Hot tears filled Alex’s eyes.

She started to cry.

I should comfort her,” Steve thought, “But on the other pixel, everyone would think I’ve gone soft.”

“Alex, Alex, it’s okay,” He said, “Guests always get laughed at.”

That made Alex stop crying. The audience start to whisper things like, “Has he gone soft?” and, “He never comforts anyone. Why is he comforting Alex?”

“It appears that Steve is comforting Alex!” Oliver announced, “Let’s hope it doesn’t impact his PvP skills.”

Steve then flipped a nearby lever causing the arena to fill with obstacles.

“Now…BEGIN!” Oliver announced.

Steve drew his netherite sword and equipped his armor.

Alex equipped her armor and grabbed a lava bucket.

“Please go easy on me!” she said.

“I NEVER have gone easy on anyone without losing the battle. So…….NO!”

“Oh, come on!”

“Okay… fine!” he said reluctantly

Steve backed up 25 blocks and accidentally ran into a cactus. He then sprinted at Alex. As he was getting close, he leaped. While he was landing, he attacked Alex. He knew that would deal 15 points of damage so there would only be five left. But as he was landing, Alex placed her lave bucket and backed away. Steve landed in the lava and quickly ran out of it before it dealt much damage. He then tried his move again this time it worked! Alex then drew her enchanted golden sword.

Steve laughed and said “You think that can stop me with that? It barley has any durability left!” Ale lunged at Steve and knocked out all but one heart of his health. Her sword broke. Alex threw a lingering potion of harming at Steve, but he dodged it.

Steve then drank a potion of strength and did his run and jump move again. That knocked out all but one of Alex’s health. The battle was getting even more tense. The crowd was wild. Steve shot and arrow at Alex, but she dodged it and drank a potion of health.

They stood still for a split second. They stared at each other, determination in their eyes. When Alex least expected it, Steve charged. Netherite sword in hand, he brought Alex back down to a heart. Just before she recovered, Steve threw a potion of harming at her, defeating her.

“After a rather impressive battle, Steve has won!” Oliver announced.

Steve sprinted to the bedroom with a confused expression on his face. Alex respawned.

“Alex, how are you so good at PvP?” Steve asked, incredulous. “I thought you had never done it before.”

“You goofball. I’ve never done PvP. I sometimes do intergame travel to Minecraft Dungeons. I decided I better try normal mode for once to see what it was like.”

Steve was shocked. “Wait! You do intergame travel?”

“Anything wrong with that?”

“Don’t you know!? Intergame travel is the most dangerous thing in the world! Even more dangerous than fighting the warden with no armor and wooden tools!”

“Uh, what’s the warden?”

“Only the most dangerous mob in all of Minecraft history!”

“Even more so than the Arch Illager?”

“I don’t know what that is.”

“Only most dangerous boss in all of Minecraft dungeons!”

“Ohhhhh. I don’t know.”

“Well, when I go back to Minecraft dungeons, why don’t you come with me?”


Alex hung her head and said, “I guess you just want to stay in your predictable life in regular Minecraft.”

“Okay, I’ll come see what Minecraft dungeons is like”

“Okay, I’ll help you get to the amethyst portal that leads to the games. Just remember there are over 500 games there So, follow me exactly!”


Alex showed Steve how to get to the portal. Once there, she dove in. Steve however, cautiously stepped in. They walked through a long corridor with many trees. They stopped at one with a dungeon shape on it and went in.

Steve could tell this would be a long adventure.

The End?

I hope you enjoyed!
If you want to help MCN write the next part, make sure to visit her post!

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