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When they started pumpkin pastures, Steve went straight to the village. He was petrified when he saw what had happened to the village. He was with Hal.

Hal exclaimed “Steve! I just remembered there is a way to stop the orb from completely taking over you! You just need to find the remnant of redemption.”

Hal then said “Guys this is Len. I just remembered the remnant of redemption. I think it’s at this level.”

Alex said “This is butterfly. I think I found the remnant. Is it magenta?”

Hal said “Yes.”

Alex picked up the remnant and said “Bear report to the village.”

Steve said “This is bear I am in the village”

Alex said “Great! I’ll be there shortly.”

About five minutes later Alex and Valorie arrived. 

Alex had the remnant on a string. She said “Steve put this necklace on. It’ll save you from the evil of the orb”

“I want to be evil!” Steve snapped.

Alex said “STEVE! Please, for me?”

Steve said “Well… Okay fine”

Alex gave Steve the necklace and almost instantly, Steve felt all his evil; even most of the evil he had in regular Minecraft melt off. He also felt a little bit of love for Alex.

He said “Alex, I’m sorry I said no when you asked if I love you. I actually DO love you”

Alex said “Hal, Valorie can you please be a group  I want to be with Steve.” 

Hal said “Well …. Okay.”

Then Archie appeared in the center of the village. 

Archie said “So what is it Steve?! Will you join me?”

Steve was insulted and said “No!” insulted.

Archie said “Okay..You could have saved Hex from my castle if you did…But too bad. You now only have five days! Mwa ha ha!”

Alex stammered “But, you said we had two weeks!”

“Well in case you haven’t noticed I’m EVIL!”

Steve said “Please. If you give us an extra week  I’ll join you forever. I’m still very evil! The fragment did nothing to me!” 

Steve then hugged Alex and said “I’m sorry sweetie. I have to. I’ll try and break out as soon as I can” and handed over the necklace. 

Archie then said “Prove the necklace did nothing to you! Sacrifice Alex to me. I know you love her!” 

Steve said “Alex, I’m so sorry, I have to free Hex.”

Alex said “Please don’t. There is another way. You could let him have your house in regular Minecraft.” 

Steve said “Okay Alex. Archie, I will NOT sacrifice my love! I will sacrifice my house in regular Minecraft”

Archie said “Well okay. You must show me how to get there! I get everything in it! Even your diamonds!”

Alex said “I’ll help you get there!” 

Archie nodded and leashed Steve and Alex and he got put in a giant  carriage Steve and Alex connected to it.

Alex and Steve pulled Archie to the end of the level. 

Once back at camp, Alex and Steve pulled Archie through the amethyst portal.

Steve was thinking why did I sacrifice my house and all my loot. It took me years to get all that loot. It cost me like 500 diamonds to get all the books I have. And he will probably abuse my village friends. But, it’s the only way to prove my worth.

Once Steve arrived back at his house all his village friends came up to him and asked how was it? Did you win?

Steve responded “It was fun and yes. I have to give up my house to save someone. I have to give my house to someone evil by the way.”

Bob the farmer said “No Steve! You have lived in this village my whole life! I can’t imagine life here without you!”

Steve said “It’s okay Bob, I’ll just move to the other side of the village.”

“Actually you can’t. Someone built a house on the other side of the village.”

“How long have I been gone?!”

“A month! You lied to us! Your closest friends!”

“I didn’t know I would be gone for that long!”


Alex said “Steve, I’ve got a bad feeling about letting Archie have your house!”

“Me too. But we have to save Hex.” Steve said.

“No! I have a feeling he won’t free Hex and he will destroy your house

“Yeah…I don’t have that feeling. I’m worried he will waste all my diamonds on diamond blocks. Also I think he will bully my villagers.”

Archie then yelled “Hurry up guys! I want to have complete control of this universe too!”

Steve and Alex then pulled Archie to Steve’s house. 

Archie said “Wow! This house is giant! Where is the loot?”

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