My Minecraft Story – Book 2 Part 1

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When Steve got to Minecraft dungeons, Steve had to watch the intro plot. He skipped it.

When Steve made it to camp Alex asked “Ready?”.

Steve said “It’s nighttime where are  the beds?!”

Alex laughed “There are no beds in this game!”

Steve then saw the gift wrapper and ran up to it and  attempted to trade with it.
Steve asked “What!? Can’t I trade with villagers?”

Alex said “Nope”

“This isn’t normal, I want to go home!”

“Okay, but to escape you have to complete a level.”

Steve then said “I want to do Hushed Highlands to start.”

“That’s not a level .I recommend squid coast`”


Steve then went away from Alex. Steve went off the island. He tyhen landed on an island overrun with guards. Steve slayed them all. Steve then found what they were protecting; the orb of dominance. Steve ran up to the orb of dominance and picked it up.

When he picked it up, he felt a strong tingle all over his body. He didn’t know what was happening, he just kept holding it. The tingle kept getting stronger until, he couldn’t take it anymore.He put down the orb and then Alex found him.

Alex said “Come on silly billy. Get away from that thing, it turns you evil!”

Steve thought uh oh

Alex then teleported them back to the main island.

Then Hex spawned.

Alex said “Oh, hi Hex. Didn’t expect to see you here at this time! Who I’m with is Steve from regular Minecraft.”

Hex said “Hi Steve, I have always wanted to meet someone from regular Minecraft”

Steve then said “Well, I didn’t know this was even a place until recently.”

Then Archie appeared. Archie snapped and Hex suddenly got put in a floating cage.

Archie them vanished along with Hex. Then Hal, Valorie and Adriene appeared.

Valorie asked “Where’s Hex?”

Steve said “Taken by a royal illager with a huge head”

Alex slapped her forehead and said “That was the arch illager!”

Annabeth then ventured into Minecraft dungeons and asked “Where’s Hex”

Alex said “He was snatched up by archie. He was too fast to save Hex

“Oh…We have to save him before Archie kills him!”

Alex asked worriedly “How long do we have?”

Hal said “Well. I don’t know if he will kill him  or just make him become his assistant forever. If it’s an assistant, his memory will be wiped so he won’t remember us at all. If it’s killing her no more than a week. There is a third possible outcome; it’s they’re just a prisoner. If that’s the case he’ll starve to death because he never feeds his prisoners.”

Alex started to cry and said “I think we should start to find Hex…NOW!”

Steve said “Come on tell me where are the beds first!?”

Everyone else said “There are no beds!”

“Well then I just want to give up…I’ll die of exhaustion!”

Alex said “No you won’t”

Steve said “Okay. I know there are no beds but how do we craft what about mine?”

You can’t do either”

Steve then started laughing.

He said “Yeah right how could this be MINECRAFT dungeons if we can’t mine or craft?!

Alex said “Uhh that’s a question for the gods!”

“Who are the gods?”



“I thought you were joking”

“Who are the gods!?!”

“The creators!””


“Come on guys, we have to save Hex!”

Annabeth said “I want to start with level one”

Alex nodded and said “Good idea Anna. We’ll do the levels in order”

Steve said “Levels? Those aren’t in Minecraft!”

Annabeth and Alex said “Uhh…experience levels!”

“Oh yeah….I forgot”

Alex was beginning to feel worried. Alex gave Steve an enchanted glave.

Then everyone started level one.

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