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Petting cats are harder than you think! Some parts of a cat are not allowed to be touched, and sometimes it will make your cat feel uncomfortable if you pet too much in those areas. Other petting spots will have them purring in delight. I will list them from best to worse using the Feline Petting Chart as my reference shown above.

  1. OMG yes! – The front of their tail (best)
  2. Yes. – The head to the tail pet
  3. Sure. – The top off the belly.
  4. Worth a try. – The bottom of the neck close to the belly and the front leg.
  5. Nope. – The legs
  6. Just stop. Do not touch the tail.
  7. Certian death. – NEVER touch the belly! (worst)

Do you agree with these petting rules? Please comment below with your own cat petting experiences!

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