Achievable Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions You Can Do

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Since it’s already 2023, people often make their New Year’s resolutions to hit the refresh button and get things right. But this idea of making resolutions may also feel difficult and overwhelming, especially if you commonly struggle to follow through with a commitment.

So, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, why not try these four achievable alternatives you can do at home instead?

Make A Vision Board

A vision board is an effective visualization tool for students like you to think about what you want to accomplish personally or academically. 

With this, you will create visual representations of goals through a collection of words and pictures commonly cut out from magazines. You can also print images and then paste them on a piece of cardboard.

You can even consider post-it notes and write down reminders, such as “Do your homework!” Also, introducing quotes or phrases like “You’re doing great” will work as it will encourage and energize you.

A vision board is an excellent visual reminder of what you want to achieve!

Keep A Daily Record

You can start by doing a daily (written or digital) record for any aspect of your life you’d like to work and focus on.

For example, if you want to improve your grades, you can record the subjects and topics you studied for that specific day and how many minutes or hours you spent learning them. Just a reminder, don’t worry about the outcomes and results. Just observe and record daily!

Doing this daily will help you be more aware of your actions and make necessary adjustments.

Do a Social Media Detox

A social media detox is when you eliminate your use and consumption of social media for some time. It can last a day, a week, a month, or more. You can even do it over the weekend or during a family vacation!

Unplugging from your phone will help you give your undivided attention to things that matter to you, including yourself and your family, instead of being glued to your gadget’s screens.

Taking a break from social media also frees up more time to read, study, connect with friends, exercise, or do any productive things! It’s also known to boost your mood and focus and lead to better sleep!

Choose A Word Of The Year

Picking a word for the year will help you focus on your daily life and guide you with a value that matters to you and that you want to embody. You can hang your chosen word somewhere you can easily see to inspire you when making decisions.

Examples of words you can choose from include joy, growth, kindness, discipline, courage, generosity, patience, and many more.

These alternative ideas can help you welcome and go through this New Year without pressure to do anything! 

A Happier New Year to you!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have other alternatives for New Year’s resolutions? Comment down below with your answers!

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