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Which Is The Weirdest Pokemon?

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Out of these 5 weird Pokemon lineups, which do you think will win the title of WEIRDEST?

1: Calyrex


Calyrex, is, just where the Pokemon company failed a little. It is just a deer with a green ball for antlers.

2: Oranguru


Now, they could have just made this one look at least a little like a real orangutan. Honestly, I just think the purple back hair was a little overboard.

3: Haterene


What was this supposed to look like? To me it looks like a mermaid who’s legs and arms got eaten by a shark. In my opinion, we have already got a Pokemon mermaid:


4: Tympole


When I first saw this, I thought it was some sort of gamer Pokemon because of the little bumps that look like heaphones. Next time, make it look like a Pokemon and not a person, please.

5: Bronzor


Now, this time, they just made it look like a little too much like the real thing.

So, what do you think out of these select lineups that are the weirdest?

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