Weirdest Pokémon Return! (Again)

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Yes, I am doing another weirdest Pokémon post. But this time I’m going to be switching it up a little. I’m actually going more into detail about these, but for time’s sake, I’m only going to be doing three.

And remember, these are only my opinions, so if you disagree with any of these (then, uh, you are wrong  because these are actually FACTS).

No more delaying- let’s get into it.

1- Any of the Klink family.


Now, I know this is not substantial with “any of the Klink family” as the title, but honestly, Klink is just two gears. No, that’s not good enough? Okay, just oversize one of the gears and make it part of the next evolution! Still not good? Add a giant gear at the bottom and call it a day.

The names aren’t even creative. Klink, Klang, and Klink-Klang just sound like cook, book, and cookbook.

2- Virizion


Don’t tell me I know what this is, because you would be lying. (Just a sec and lemme look it up)

OKAY, so apparently this thing is supposed to be based on one of the three musketeers. UM. Can you see any resemblance? I sure don’t. And for some reason I keep wanting to call it a Verizon.

3- Dracozolt


Honestly, I kinda like this Pokémon, but so many people hate it, so I couldn’t skip this one. I get it, it’s an electric chicken. Apparently this is based off of unfinished fossils, something called a dromaeosaurid, a stegosaurus, and several kabobs from mythology. I just think it needs a little love, but that’s just me speaking my mind.

So which one do you think is the weirdest? Vote and comment below!

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