My Top 10 Cutest Pokémon

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Along with the strong ones, there are also cute pokemon. Some of these Pokémon, from the fluffiest creatures to those with the most brilliant eyes, are being caught by trainers more for their beauty than for their power. It makes sense if you want to have these gorgeous fellas in the Pokémon video game if you want the cutest dogs in real life.

10 – Shinx

Although Shinx grows more menacing as he advances, it’s impossible to not adore his beautiful base form. And Luxray, with its outstanding base stats tailored toward offensive, was a great travel partner for Sinnoh.

9 – Emolga

Emolga is unquestionably adorable and offers a powerful elemental typing—Flying counteracts Electric’s vulnerability to Ground, leaving few openings and many resistances. However, it could use an evolution.

8 – Cubone

The terrible nature of Cubone’s tale—he wears his mother’s skull—only serves to increase our empathy for the Pokémon who longs to be with his loved ones.

7 – Skitty

Skitty is a beloved in-game pet due to her adorable appearance, but she is best known for her peculiar ability to breed with Wailord despite their astronomical size disparity (hey, they have compatible egg types).

6 – Fennekin

Not only is Fennekin a cute fox, but her family also put an end to the dreaded Fire/Fighting scourge by evolving into the Fire/Psychic Delphox.

5 – Cutiefly

Given that he has the word “cute” in his name, even Misty might get fond of this insect. And unlike many species, even after becoming a Ribombee, he’s still quite adorable.

4 – Pikachu

Pikachu, one of the most well-known fictional characters ever created, travels the world with Ash in the anime as his sole consistent companion. He also makes an appearance in Super Smash Brothers, along with his infant form (Pichu).

3 – Jirachi

Jirachi is a peculiar blend of charming and menacing. He is a strong legendary with the menacing signature attack “Doom Desire,” despite his diminutive size. He is a Pokémon that grants wishes and appears to have kind intentions, just don’t make him mad.

2 – Eevee

Eevee has been characterized as one of the most adorable and precious Pokemon from much more than a few fans. Although it’s evolutions are more cool than cute, there is always those times when the original is the best.

1 – Mew

Yes, yes, you saw this coming! But COME ON! It’s Mew! The little cuddly adorable tiny adorable Pokemon just has to be the best!

Do you agree with the list? Comment below with your favorite Pokémon characters.

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