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So Yeah, I’m sure most of you have, or have heard about TikTok. Maybe from the news, or from your best friend, TikTok is probably the most world-wide way to share feelings on topics and have fun.

Well, that being said, TikTok has community guidelines and so does Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and KidzNet too. These help, but put minors, like most people on here, and TikTok, In trouble. By the way, everyone that I interviewed will stay anonymous.

So anonymous reached 1,000 on TikTok and he decided to go live. Yay! Or so he thought. In less then 1 minute he got banned from going live. This next story is mine. So I got “Like Witch,” which is a rip-off of TikTok where you can go live with 0 followers. Nice, right? Noooo. I went live for like 5-10 minutes and was banned because I’m a minor. Like What? That’s good though, because I deleted the app, not just for being banned, but people were calling me *names* by the way, and they were like in their 20’s. Do you have TikTok?

~with peace and love Bingus

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