Why I Have Not Been On KidzNet for A Long Time… (AGM13)

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Hello everyone! It’s probably been a while since I might have commented or replied to something on the Kidznet wall.

I might of came every few days, But the last post that I made was on September 2nd, my birthday. Why have I not had a conversation or been on here since my birthday?

Now, I have been homeschooled for my whole life. I never went to school, but I’m finally having my first year at a private school. But even though I’m busy with school, that’s not the real reason I’m never on Kidznet when I’m home or on the weekend.

One Monday afternoon before 1st day of school started yet, I was talking to my friend. She was playing Roblox whilst I was sitting on my desk, just talking to her. She said I NEED Roblox because it’s SO FUN, and she told me her and her sister’s username and i wrote it down.

Last year was the time i met those friends, and that’s when i mainly found out they played Roblox. I was so jealous of them, and my mom always said no because I wasn’t ready yet to start being online with other users.

But then this year, after she said i NEEDED it was the time she just said yes. Maybe it was because we were hoping I would get it.

We set up a family computer in the office for the whole family to use except for my older brother, because he already has one in his room.

I was begging my mom to set up my account because I knew she was gonna put Roblox on there. But for some reason when I tried to play a game, it said Roblox Crash, try again.

The next night, she decided to put it on my tablet like I wanted, and my friends were playing it because it was easier. She let me, and while still in the process of setting my parental controls, I had to do it on my mom’s account.

Then she let me have it on my account because the control settings were already on anyway. This Roblox process happened on September 6th, my 1st day of school.

Ever since then, I have loved Roblox, and I can’t stop. I play a mix of games. I love tower games because they give you skills. I’m already good at them; I love Brookhaven and challenge games; I love everything!!

And i love to play Roblox on a call with that friend, and she is happy i got it. Roblox is so distracting that I almost forgot about you all. I want to apolagize for not being on here very often, and down below, give me some ideas that will help me still want to visit kidznet.

FUN FACT: I’ve played a lot of Roblox games. Bet you can’t reccomend one that I have not played! If not, I will try it out! Please give me some ways i can still care about all of you and come back to make new surprises and not really care about Roblox all the time.

What is your favorite Roblox game? Let me know!! Feel free to comment any questions you may have.

As always and forever, AGM13😊😊

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