Addressing My Inactivity.. (KidzWeek)

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What’s up KidzSearchers,

Welcome back to another issue of KidzWeek. This one is going to be written in a slightly different and more personal format, because today I’m just going to be giving you an update on where I’ve been for the past month. 

First off, I really want to thank the community for all the positive reception to my posts. My post about the KidzNet stickers got 20 ratings. That’s kinda insane! My comment about the cookies is still the most-liked of all time by far with 24 likes now, and a lot of people have been asking for more KidzWeek. First, I was gone because I was travelling… To my grandparents’ house and vibing with my family. I got back like 2 weeks ago, but I’ve just been pretty busy with school. It’s finals and I’m aiming for good grades. While I’ve been gone, it looks like Dash201 and Esie have taken things over. I mean, Esie has 46 posts and Dash has 33! How am I supposed to compete with that?! I’m honestly surprised that they both haven’t passed me yet. Anyways, I’ve also been chilling with my cat, so I made a few memes for the pet photo contest. I also messed around with Turtle Unicorns and argued about politics because I’m bored and pretended to have my feelings hurt after I lost the argument (hehe).

For my new year’s resolutions, I don’t really have any in real life. Obviously, I can always improve and become a better person and blah blah blah, but statistics show that 75% of people fail their resolutions BEFORE the end of January. For KidzSearch I want to focus on writing entertaining and helpful content for KidzNet! I really enjoyed making my posts about anxiety tips because I think it helped a lot of people. On KidzTalk, I feel like I’ve done all there is to do there. My last goal is to reach 1,000,000 points and kind of retire, but there’s always a chance that interesting stuff can happen again. It’s just that I’ve been using that platform for like 4 years and after a while it isn’t so appealing anymore. Luckily, KidzNet is still new and fresh, and I have a lot of plans for content in 2022. I’m going to continue my News-style posts and my well-being posts, but I’d also like to get the community more involved with “User of the Month” polls/posts that I used to do on KidzTalk. 

So yeah, although I took a break for a month, I’m back and plan to create more content for you in 2022. If you made it this far… Consider rating and dropping a comment, and I will see you in the next post.

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