5 Tips To Maintain Lifelong Friendships

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Just like any other relationship, friendship is an important connection to have. Finding someone you can trust, share your interests with, hang out with, and play with is such a lovely thing. Not to mention that creating these bonds also enriches our everyday experiences. It’s known to boost our happiness, build our confidence, give us a sense of belonging, and provide comfort and joy, especially when facing difficult times.

And for kids, making friends is also an integral part of growing up. But doing so isn’t always a walk in the park. Finding friends can be challenging too! And if you’re finding it hard to make friends, you can read these great tips to move past this hurdle here on Kidznet.

Now, it’s one thing to make friends and another to maintain them! This is especially true when you don’t see each other often because someone moved away, maybe due to disagreements or just other circumstantial changes. 

So how do you maintain your existing friendships and strengthen your bond?

You can do several things to keep a bond strong, and it’s quite easy. However, you must put your heart into it and mean it! So now, without further ado, here are 5 tips to keep your cherished friendships strong throughout the years.

Make Time To Connect

Making time to connect with your friends is really important, and you must do it both online and offline. However, this can be pretty challenging, especially when you’re juggling personal matters. That includes deadlines at school, pursuing hobbies, or connecting more with family and relatives.

One great way to connect is to send them a message or funny memes or greet them on their birthdays to let them know you’re thinking about them. 

Of course, you can also call your friend for a more in-depth conversation if you both have free time. Just ensure you have undivided attention and there are no distractions so your conversation won’t be cut off. This will also prevent your friend from feeling bad.

Another way to bond is to set a date together for face-to-face meetups. This could be anything—from camping, watching movies, and organizing playdates to inviting them to parties.

Communicate And Be Honest

Communicating and being honest is just as necessary to maintain friendships. For example, letting your friend know if you’re busy and might be less available can minimize conflicts and misunderstandings. It also helps prevent your friend from feeling they’re being ignored. 

Another thing is to be honest, especially when you’re asked for advice about something. However, it’s important to be still compassionate and mindful when giving honest criticism so that you don’t hurt their feelings.

Moreover, it’s also important to express what’s on your mind, especially if something they did makes you uncomfortable. 

Setting healthy boundaries, such as expressing how you would like to be treated and what actions are not okay/acceptable, is also necessary. Don’t forget to offer them space to voice out theirs too! This will ensure a respectful and caring friendship and prevent any resentment from festering. 

Be A Good Listener

Active listening is one of the most important skills you can have. It’s when you can listen to your friend’s words and pay close attention, especially when they’re having a hard time. Feeling fully heard and understood is definitely one of the most wonderful gifts you can share with your friend.

It’s also essential to let them vent their frustrations and fears and show you’re interested in what they say. Doing so allows them to feel more comfortable and be braver in opening up.

Another thing is to refrain from offering advice, especially when they’re not asking about them. But you can offer your help when they specifically tell you they need it.

Overcome Conflicts

Friendships also encounter conflicts along the way, as individuals have their own feelings, thoughts, and opinions. So it’s important to embrace differences and be willing to reach out and apologize when you make mistakes and forgive when it’s them.

It is also crucial to offer a safe space to listen to why they did it and be open-minded. This cultivates a deeper understanding of what happened and teaches you how to navigate in the future. 

Show Appreciation

Because we know our friends will always be there, it’s also very common to take them for granted (although we often do this unintentionally). So it’s important to show them your appreciation for what they do and how much you care. This includes expressing gratitude for their efforts to connect and complimenting them about what you like most (positive qualities) about them!

You can also express how much you value their presence in your life by doing random acts that you know will make them feel loved and cared for, like giving gifts or doing favors. Showing appreciation not only boosts their feelings but also strengthens your bond. 

All these tips will help you strengthen your friendships. Remember that maintaining these bonds does require effort, but it’s definitely worth it.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have other tips for maintaining friendships? Comment down below with your answers!

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