Song #2: “You Saw Me” by BlueZswagger

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An original song written by a KidzNet user

I walked in and you asked my name

And I knew things would never be the same

You looked right through me

And saw things no one else had seen

You changed my life in the second you talked to me

You saw things no one else had seen

Not the person I was pretending to be

You remembered my name when no one else could

And you told me the words I needed to hear

That I was loved and God had a plan

And I would give anything to pay your love back

You were the first that showed me I was loved like that

I knew that they loved me and I was special 

but you loved me like an equal like a friend

They misunderstood everything I said

You read me like a book

They saw double 

You saw me

They saw the person they wanted me to be

I know things will never be the same

And I don’t know if you feel this way

But I still need answers

And you showed me the way

You were the role model I never had

They were never really that bad

I saw things so differently

I was walking in the dark

But I knew there was a light

You showed me how easy it could be

I know I’m kind of reading between the lines

But my heart beat with a different kind of love

They saw what I never could be

You all saw possibility

And that’s all I needed

Ohh Ohh

All I needed 

Ohh Ohh

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