Song #1: “Tell Me What You Want” by BlueZswagger

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This is an original song written by a KidzNet user.

Tell Me What You Want

By BlueZswagger

(Verse 1)

Boy, Grab my hand 

We could dance all night

When I’m with you everything is alright

We could be the change 

We could change the world

Ohh Ohh

See you there and my heart’s on fire
Think I’m over you and then you smile

Ohhh Ohhh 



Tell me what you want

Tell me what you need


Hanging out with me

Tell me what you want,

tell me what you need

Take a chance with me baby,

I’ll fulfill all your needs

(Verse 2)

Baby, grab my hand we could be the change 

Like a wildfire with no end 

We could burn to start again

Could break this mold 

Boy give me all you got

 we could never ever stop

Take my hand and dance 

Like this love is something new


Tell me what you want 

Tell me what you need

You’re all that I want 

You’re all that I need

(Bridge 1)

I can always feel better with your arm around me

Cuse the world is clean and new 

For me and you

Me and you


Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this song. I wrote it on KidzTalk, but edited it make it better before posting it on here!

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