Pokemon No. 000: The Mistake (Part One)

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Okay, so how to start? There is so much stuff about this pokemon to share!

The best thing to do is to begin at the beginning, I guess.

Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green

These were the first Pokémon games to be produced. They were infamous for glitches. There was the invisible PC glitch, the ZZAZZ glitch (I am planning for a separate post for that), and SO much more! But this glitch is probably one of the most famous video game glitches out there.

What is it?

Missingno. Pokemon 000


Missingno.’s apperance is a mixture of corrupted code and random junk data jumbled together in what is most commonly described as a “backwards L shape.” There are other forms of this, which I will be saving for the next part.

So, pretty much, Pokedex entries go in multiples of 2:

2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 etc.

Since 128 slots is not enough for all 151 pokemon, it takes a grand leap up to 256 pokemon which are marked as Missingno., short for Missing Number. These empty slots are pokemon that cannot be claimed, or can they? I’m making a part 2 on how to find Missingno. soon!

You can find Missingno. in Pokemon Yellow, but it’s a broken sprite, and pokedex entries are just junk data and will corrupt your game, crash the game, or delete the save data. Possibly all three.


Pokemon Yellow’s Missingno.

It is possible to get a stable Missingno. in Yellow and several methods have been found, but is complicated.

Other Games

There are “Missingnos” in other games such as Black and White, but these are not the Missingnos we all know and love.


A “Missingno.” from Pokemon Black and white.

Welp, thanks for reading this post through, everyone. Be sure to drop a comment!

Have you discovered any Pokémon glitches? Please comment below.

Part 2 >>

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