Pokemon No. 000: The Old Man (Part Two)

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(If you have not seen Part One, I recommend checking it out!)

Quick Review

Missingno. is a glitch Pokémon found in the first pokemon games: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. It’s index number is No. 000. It is made from leftover data in the game after adding all 151 pokemon. To prevent game crashes, all of this extra space was marked Missingno., short for Missing Number.


Now let’s get into it.


Missingno.’s typing is Bird/Normal. Notice the “Bird” typing in place of flying type. It is believed that “bird” was a beta name instead of flying, but was scrapped and changed before the game’s release.

The moves it knows are water gun twice, and sky attack. It knows different moves depending what game you play, though.

How Do You Get It?

Go to Viridian City, and talk to the Old Man after he has had his coffee. He will ask you if you know how to catch a Pokemon. Say no, and watch his catching tutorial. Then use a Pokemon that knows the HM fly, and fly straight to Cinnabar Island, avoiding any area where pokemon may spawn. Surf up and down on the east coast using another HM, and you will encounter crazy high-leveled pokemon, Missingno.’s counterpart “M,” or Missingno. itself.


A player attempting to preform the Missingno. glitch.


After catching it, the 6th item in your bag will increase by 128 unless you already have that amount. This means infinite master balls or rare candies! Missingno. isn’t always sunshine in popsicles, though.

In-battle, using or against Missingno., your pokemon and trainer sprite will be scrambled.

in battle.jpg

A Missingno. in battle will cause scrambled sprites.

Missingno. will also corrupt your Hall of Fame data, considering you’ve already beaten the game. This is because the game cannot properly handle Missingno.’s corrupted sprite.


Corrupted Hall of Fame Data.

Pokemon Yellow

In Pokemon Yellow, catching a slightly stable Missingno. that won’t crash the game will have other effects. It will cause multiple trainer sprites to walk across the screen in random directions, and may cause game freezes at anytime.

If yellow Missingno. is above level one, gaining any will cause it to instantly downgrade to level one and will stay at level one until it is fed rare candies (that’s me in a nutshell right there).

After being fed, it has “infinite” health and will display random corrupted letters, numbers, and glitch text. Then the HP bar would flip out and wraparound the screen. This may also freeze or crash the game.

That’s All!

I will be making a Part 3 soon, in which I will discuss the forms of Missingno. and will explain how the glitch works!

Be sure to drop a comment!

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