Minecraft Tips and Tricks: Part Two

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So, in part one, I told you guys a couple of tricks for Minecraft. This one is about tricks in PvP


(This is a trick that can be very helpful) Always, and I mean ALWAYS, do this when you hear from another player (only in Java edition). Wait for your Axe to be all the way back up so you can do the most damage possible, and if you critical hit them, then it will do half their health depending on if they are wearing armor or not.


For experienced Minecrafters only – when you’re low, here’s a trick: jump and place a block each time you almost land so you can go faster.


Build up when you’re low so you have the high ground and you can shoot other people off whenever they get close to you.


You can make a wall all the way around you and then build-up

also, shoutout to Queen Cat 😀 Bye!!!!!

Post your own Minecraft tips in the comments below!

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