Minecraft Servers!

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Wassup G A M E R S

Today we are going to be taking a look at Minecraft servers

Now if you don’t play Minecraft, well…..why are you here? I’m jk!


Starting off with the 1# Minecraft server


It’s one of the largest Minecraft Server Networks in the world where you can play original and fun games such as Bed Wars, SkyBlock, SkyWars, and many more!

For me, Hypixel is fun and… not so fun

You see, what I mean by that is there are hackers/exploiters. I encountered at least 60 hackers in my lifetime.

But anyway, Hypixel is that famous server that copied off Cube Craft Egg Wars and stayed 1.8 and made Bedwars.

I personally play this server. It’s fun sometimes but it can get really stressful.

I’ve been on the Bedwars and Sumo Leaderboard ( not there right now ) but I…. didn’t cheat AHAh WHAT DID U THINK.

I did this legit – I used the sneaking technique, and it’s very good, and I’m a decent builder in Minecraft.

…which brings me to my next server!

Ahh yes. PVP Legacy is a Minecraft duel server that offers different types of games and gameplay, such as MiniGames modes, PVP, and KitPvP. It’s also a server that’s great for combat training.

PVP Legacy is a server that lets you make your own kits and lets you use other kits. It is a modern PVP.

It’s a very good server. If you wanna play on it, it has very good anti-cheat!

But it’s really sweaty (aka – ‘many people that play mc for 70,000+ hours including me’) so don’t get mad if you get beat!

However, if you get decent like me, you will win every encounter.

…which brings me to the next one!

Welcome to Mineclub!

It’s a Minecraft Survival Server that provides a welcoming and friendly place for players who want to enjoy Survival, Adventure games. It specifically serves players using the game’s Java edition.

Mineclub is a VERY GOOD SERVER!

I’m on it about 80% of the time!

Anyways, the games on here are great. (Also, don’t spam hit when playing on modern PVP. It does no/less damage ) .

Battle box slime walls and dodgeball! All these games are fun! You should try it out sometime!

Anyway, that’s all from me! Tune in next time!

and with all that said…


(start at 40 Seconds)

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