Make the world a better place.

Ways To Make The World A Better Place!

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Good morning my beautiful people! Today I’m listing a few ways to make the world a better place! These are really good ways to do it!

1. Try to pick up trash in our schools and neighborhood.

2. Try to stay away from beer and stuff like alcohol, even when we’re old enough for it.

3. Try to limit cussing when we are old enough for it.

4. Ignore your bully’s.

5. Help younger kids.

6. Always tell your parents about stuff you think is bad.

7. Tell your mother when you get “it”.

8. Drink plenty of water and try to avoid soda and sugary drinks. You can still drink soda at dinner, but limit it so you don’t get as FAT.

Welp – those are a few good ways to make the world a better place! C-ya!

Do you have any tips to make the world a better place? Comment below!

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