Tips and Tricks for Minecraft (Part One)

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So, if you guys are into Minecraft, then these are some tricks for it. 😀

1# (I think almost all of you guys do this) Once you make your crafting table and wood pick, then dig down, grab 17 pieces of stone, and come back up and make your axe pick shovel, and furnace.

2# When traveling, you can see farther when in 3rd person mode. That’s because you’re behind the character, and it is easier to see.

3# ALWAYS be in Quake Pro. You can see so much more.

4# NEVER dig straight down, believe me (yeah, yeah, I said dig down at the start, but you can do that). You will fall in lava if you dig down too far.

5# (Finale) MLG MADE EASY when you fall and need to make an MLG; just keep clicking pretty easily. 😀


Do you know any good Minecraft Tips or Tricks? Post them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. Bye!!!!

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