Life of A Cookie Part 7 – In The Middle

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If you are interested in this post but have not seen my other stories, here’s the link!

Anywho, I was hopelessly running from the polar bear chasing me, and I was trying to find somewhere I could go that it couldn’t. I scooted behind the pantry… The polar bear ran into the pantry with a bang. Then it started roaring or something with reasons unknown. It sounded like, “Rowrf, Rowrf,” which was an unusual sound for a polar bear. Then I noticed something behind me. It was Checkers!

“Checkers! Do you know what in the world that was?”

“It could be a water bottle for all I care.”

“Hmmm. Why the frown?”



“Because Crumbles shimmied up the table looking for you awhile ago. Haven’t seen him since.”

“Well, I hope he’s okay.”

Meanwhile, on the table….

“So what are we looking for? Whatever or whoever it is, it must be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Juice says that a lot, but I don’t know what it means. I don’t know what a lot of things mean-“

Crisp was meaninglessly chatting along while Crumbles scanned the area. He just spectated me while I scurried from the polar bear.

“Hey, Crisp, I have to go, unless you want to join in chefs hyper-kids, and possible death.”

“Wait, what?”

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