Evolution debate, FishyBoi IMPOSTER, drama (KidzWeek)

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What’s up KidzSearchers,

It seems drama has FINALLY happened, and I have more content to write about. This week, drama between Basha and TurtleUnicorns unfolded and resulted in multiple posts about the situation from both parties. Also in the news, someone has been taking advantage of Fishyboi and has created accounts impersonating them. We’ll cover all that and more in this edition of KidzWeek. Buckle up and grab some popcorn. You’re gonna need it.

The Evolution Debate

I am going to cover this story in a neutral manner because I know this is a controversial subject around here. Way back on December 19th, Basha penned a post called Hominid Development. It received mixed reactions from the community, with roughly half in support of the post and half against it. @ammyk was quick to point out that this should’ve been posted in the theory group. After that the discussion toned down for about a month until the end of January. @turtleunicorns requested for Basha to remove the post and place it in the theory group. Personal opinions about evolution aside, I would like to point out that there is no theory group and I think it’s a little unreasonable to try and force Basha to make a theory group and then move the post. Anyways, Turtle Unicorns created a post slamming Basha for the 2 posts. Currently they combine to over 50 comments as the debate continues to rage on. If I were Basha, I would stop engaging in the argument because referencing a Wikipedia article in every comment won’t change anyone’s mind.

FishyBoi has an “Imposter”

Around a week ago, a user noticed that FishyBoi was a popular user but didn’t have an account. Taking advantage of this, they left comments under their name and continued to do so after being asked to stop multiple times. I have personally had many “imposters”, and I think it’s a big deal to use someone else’s name and image online even if it is obvious. A lot of people told me that my imposter was just being clever and it’s not a big deal. I can see their point, but it’s a lot harder to think the same when you’re the one being impersonated. Anyways, back to the point. Fishy and the imposters had several exchanges that forced KidzSearch to step in and ban any other IP from using the username. They are now going by “FishyBoi Imposter” and the two continue to have beef on the kidznet community wall to this day.

This was a short issue of KidzWeek and I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, these posts are just for entertainment and gossip, and I have no hard feelings towards any of the users mentioned. Have you ever gotten yourself into drama? Let me know in the comments below, and I will see you in the next post. 

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