Life of A Cookie Part 6 – The Polar Bear

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Well, if my readers have not been reading my past stories, here is the link.

Now, while Crumbles was so hopelessly trapped in that fruit basket with a rather talkative apple, you might have caught in my past few stories that I rolled behind the oven after Johnathan dropped us. It was quite dark back there, and, as you would expect, I had a hard time finding my way out. I bumped into the walls at least 13 times before I got out into the kitchen, and, by that time, Crumbles had made his way into the fruit basket and Checkers was behind the pantry and out of sight.

There was a window over the kitchen sink, and I saw that it was quite dark out. That was good, for the dad and the kids would be in bed by now. I was VERY sleepy, and I needed to find somewhere to sleep. I was too tired to find another place, so I got back behind the oven and drifted off. But I was awoken a couple minutes later by a… sniffing sound? I opened my groggy eyes slowly. UM, WHAT WAS THAT!? IT WAS A GIANT…. WAS IT A POLAR BEAR!? No, I had to be asleep! I pinched myself, and it HURT. IT WAS GETTING CLOSER! I ran the opposite direction, hoping there to be another opening on the other side of the oven. Luckily, there was, and I dashed out with the “polar bear” close behind.

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