Life of A Cookie- Part 4- The Tall Table

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IMPORTANT: READ Chapter 1, Chapter 2, AND Chapter 3 BEFORE READING THIS!

“Now we are just going to have to do it if we are ever going to find Esie,” Crumbles said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Checkers wasn’t flipping out anymore from the near-miss earlier with Johnathan. He wasn’t screaming now, he was actually not talking. Checker’s feelings had been hurt very badly when Crumbles had told him to, and I quote, “Shut up,” yet that is some of the nicest words any kind of bully could use, and he had been told to “Hush up,”  many times in the past.

The kitchen in which they were now stuck in was wide and long, with vast expanses of white tile. Well, it seemed like a vast expanse to a cookie.

They were just talking about climbing the kitchen table for higher ground so they could attempt to find me. The kitchen table was quite long. and it had a basket of fruit on top that decorated it very nicely. The problem was, the dad was positioned right by there, apparently making another batch of cookies.

“Checkers, are you coming?”

“No….” Checkers said.

“Well, once I locate Esie I’ll be back. Bye…”


Crumbles went a little ways until he was underneath the table. There, he would plan his climb out. The chef was on the left side of the table. So if Crumbles shimmied up the right side of the table and hid behind the fruit basket, maybe he wouldn’t see him?

Crumbles looked up at the tall table leg. He was unsure of his climbing abilities, but his deepest secret was that he had a fear of heights. To a human, even with a fear of heights, sitting on a table would be out of the question. But to a cookie, a table was of considerable height.

Either way, Crumbles successfully climbed up the table….until about halfway up. He lost his grip suddenly, and slipped…slipped….

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