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Moving KT Series to KN (and Some Personal KT Goodbyes)

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I plan to move some of my stories to KidzNet that were previously only on KidzTalk. Some examples include:

Silverback (it has two episodes, I will move the series to KN, but i will not re-write the first two episodes here.), about a silverback gorilla that escaped captivity from a zoo in Helena, Montana.

We Are The Prey (it has one episode, i will also not re-write the episode here), a story about a 28-foot orca and a 27-foot great white causing disaster all over the place in 1969.

Mindcraft (same as We Are The Prey), a story about a minecraft player named waffle exploring the secrets of mindcraft, a secret upside-down world of minecraft.


You can be expecting these series to come here soon.

I won’t be coming back to KidzTalk any time soon, so here’s a message to my friends:

Shred, you were epic. You were one of my best friends on KT. I’m gonna miss you.

J-train, same as Shred. I feel like we rose to the top together on KT. It’s gonna be tough knowing you won’t be here on KN.

Elo, you were chill and relaxed, and you really helped me find inner chill. Thankfully, you will actually see this and you will be on KN.

Nobi, i don’t know what to say. You were my first friend on KS as a whole, but I don’t know what to say. I’m feeling mixed about you right now.

Carly, you were amazing and sweet. I appreciate how you replied to nearly every post i made, whether it sucked or not. You will also still be here, and you will also see this.

Adi, you were my partner in crime. We got into some drama and arguments with carly and clara (i forgive and forget, carly, you’re okay.), and I’m glad you sided with me even when the odds were against us. I’m gonna miss you.

Pizza, we got into a lot of arguments at first. We are complete opposites, mostly. But recently, I’ve found a newfound friendship with you that I will cherish forever. Although we do have differing opinions on multiple things, I will miss you too. I hope you see this, because I really mean it.

And finally, this last one has a really special place in my heart.


Duke, I don’t even know what the heck you are doing, or where the heck you are, but I miss you, man. You are like  the big brother i never had. I will never forget you, and neither will any of KS as a whole. When you come back, I will come back to KT to welcome you back. I’m genuinely worried about you, Duke, and I really miss you.


Anyways, I hope you enjoy the series I will be moving here.


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