My Sucky School Day

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Hello my dear friends, how was your day today? Well, mine sucked. Let me tell you the complete story.

First, you must know a few things about my life and classmates. I have a medical condition where when im distracted or daydreaming, I make a weird face; I open my mouth as wide as I can and cross my eyes. I can’t tell when I’m doing it, so it is hard to control.

Second, there is this really mean kid in my class named Joseph. He and his friend always bug people and make fun of them. Guess who his main targets are: me and my friends.

Third, my school has two vice principals and lunch aids to monitor a child’s behavior. Now that you are all caught up, here is the story.

@itrules0ut343, our friend Fisher, and I were sitting at the lunch tables minding our own business eating when suddenly Joseph was sliding towards us. He asked us dumb questions like “Is your friend group goth?” or something.

We obviously said no, so he started asking more questions until he finally said, ” At least I won’t sit in class and make this face.” Then he made the face I uncontrollably made. That was my final straw, so I yelled at him.

“Joseph, that is caused by my medical condition, and that is very… BAD for you to make fun of me. SHAME, SHAME ON YOU, JOSEPH!” I could tell I went a little too far, but I didn’t care. Luckily, he walked away without saying anything. But it didn’t look like I got through to him. I spent the rest of lunch and some recess saying how much I hated him.

Then he approached me and my friend Raegan and said, “ Shame on you, Grace, Shame on YOU!”  At that moment, I completely lost it.  I yelled at him again.

”Joseph, that’s my final straw! I hate you!” I was literally about to tackle him, but Raegan held me back. He just walked away, satisfied by the monster he released within me. At that moment, I started to cry.

When it comes to screaming, im not very strong. I speed-walked the rest of the time to cool myself off, and with many trips to the bathroom to wipe off my tears, I was finally calm.

As I was walking with @itrules0ut343 and Raegan, I saw him playing basketball ball with stereotypical 10-year-olds. I was determined to get revenge and thought this was my only chance. So I walked up to him. He didn’t notice me at first, so in a shaky voice, I said his name. Then, as he turned around, I started yelling at him again. It literally felt like steam was coming out of my ears.

I started screaming at the top of my lungs at this point and had no sign of stopping. I used the rage I’d balled up from the way he had tormented me. I screamed so much my ears were still ringing. Finally, an aide came to stop the fight. She told me to share my story, so I did.

Of course, when it was Joseph’s turn to tell the story, he acted innocent, as if he had done nothing wrong. He ended up with a long talk with Ms.Bittle, one of the vice principals, and sat by a wall for the rest of recess.

Finally, after around 10 minutes, I was called outside my classroom, where Joseph stood. He started to say an insincere apology. I tried to say I didn’t care and I didn’t want to talk about it, but Ms. Bittle said I had to say one of 3 things: Apology accepted, I forgive you, or I still need some time to forgive.

I said I still need some time. And that was that. Whenever i walked by Joseph desk the rest of the day, he would say he was sorry. I didn’t buy it, so I just pretended I didn’t hear him.


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