Who Really Wants a Phone, But Your Parents Say You Don’t Need One?

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I’ve wanted a phone for a year, but my mom always says no. Last year I turned 11, and I told her that I’m growing up and already 11 years old. At this point, I’m going to need a cell phone.

Then at the beginning of this year (2023), I got on the waitlist for a new school. I have never been to a school. I have always been homeschooled and was very excited to start school.

Generations Academy is different than a normal school. No tests or homework. Just Hands-On learning science experiments, and whenever you are worrying or sad, you can tell your guide (They call teachers guides), and they will pray with you.

It’s a mix of School and Church. It is Christian based and helps you grow closer to Jesus. I will send a link to their website in the comments below if I can.

Now a month or two ago, I found out that I’m at the top of the waitlist, and I am so excited!! A few days ago, we found out that my first day of school after summer is September 6th. My birthday is September 2nd, so it’s my birthday gift!

Yesterday, I told my mom at this point if I’m going to school, I’m gonna need a phone to call you when I’m at lunch (and I also would like to use it for other things too).

We went to a party last night, and friends were helping, and when we came home, I went and searched here on Kidzsearch and found a website (There are phones for kids) and found a Kids and Teens Bark Cell Phone.

Please tell me if this is appropriate for me and my mom to buy.

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