Who Would KidzNet Users Be As A Family?

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Have you ever wondered who KN users would be as a family?

@Kidzsearch will definitely be our dad, who’s always helpful and really cool with everything.

Apparently, @dukesilver  our Percy-like Big brother who protests rule-breaking.

@flowermagic1234 will be our cool next elder who’s really playful, fond of cats,  and who gets really crazy on pizza.

@pumpkin will be the crazy middle bro who acts like a baby at times and tries to get to the top (pumpkin please do not be mad at me I am just joking – ykr? LOL!).

@minecraftnerd will be our eldest sis who’s always on games day or night and  has no life without games!!!!

@eloquentracer92 will be the twin sis of minecraftnerd, but is really the opposite – always active and playful.

@basha (one of my fav. friends) will be our 10 year old brother who is brainy and tries to act like a scientist!!

Fishyboi (one of my coolest friends), definitely will be our 15 year old brother who’s funny and always play tricks on mum and pumpkin!

Oh! Who will @esie be (one of my best friends) They will be our 13 year old sis who is really nice and helpful for everyone!!

One of my best friends – @semm will be our 12 year old sis who is kind and nice, but complaining about homework!

@basketball4life will be our 16 yrs old bro (twin of @flowermagic) who is always active and spends most of his time on sports which is the same as me.

Two of my best friends – @caryl, @tomboy, @goldeneagle and me (Jason/@alex) will be the 14 year old kids. we, who are fond of science/ programming and tries to act as geniuses and are identical to the last inch. well @tomboy- we’ll call autumn is our twin sis who is a tomboy.

Together we all – Autumn , Caryl, @GE n I (Jason/@alex) will be the the “Quadruplets” of the family!!!

@Gravity-centred will be our 13 yrs old sibling who really wants to be in the center!

@Bookgirl and @bookworm will be the books-for-life sisters who spends life by reading!

@seby123 will be our sis who loves eating pizza!

@high5 will be our next sis who is fond of high 5 things!

@arouraskycat will be the catty sis who loves cats and sleeps with them!

@littlemixandblackpinkfan1 will be our BP crazy sis who’s soul lives in korea! LOL

What a great family it would be then? Right? I hope you liked my choices. but please note that if you do not like what I have said about anyone, or I made some mistakes, please inform me and remember that this is just a joke and not what I think about you! Your real behavior will be somewhat different from above. ALSO note that I inserted sister/brotherhood as I saw it, but could be wrong. Feel free to tell me anything in the comment section below. If you want me to add ur character also, send a comment below

Do not forget to tell me your comments about this post. Have a nice day everybody!

Thank you,

Jason (alex)




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