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Home Base is an online world filled with your favorite books and characters. You can play games, earn tokens, buy outfits for your avatar and furniture for your home! You can connect to Newsfeed and express yourself by writing fan fictions and roleplays, create comics and polls, and just talk about books!

I recommend this game over other similar platforms because it is fun and secure! The Mods are adults who watch the Newsfeed and chat to make sure the community is friendly and safe.  This game also has a feature that blocks messages that are inappropriate or against community rules. To be extra cautious, the filter blocks any words it doesn’t know.

Sometimes there are even featured events. Featured events are run by admins and happen many days a week. Featured events include costume parties, roleplaying activities, story jams, trivia, and more!

Author visits are when authors or special guests host an event! They might hold a Q+A or a Story Jam, or throw a dance party! Some might even give sneak peeks on their new book! In the past, Home Base has had events with authors like Tui T. Sutherland and Sayantani DasGupta.

Here is a link to the game! Have fun!

Please comment below with your thoughts about it.

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