Family is Forever- Episode 1

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Kevin woke up, excited for the day, as it was his last day of college. His hair was pretty messy, and usually, he would care, but this time he doesn’t.

He ran to the cafeteria, but on his way, he tripped and fell beside a girl outside. The girl asked if he was alright, and Kevin replied yes.

They walked the rest of the way to the cafeteria and talked along the way. They ate breakfast and talked a lot.

They started dating even after graduation. A year later, they got married. Their marriage was happy, and they were ready for a kid. A year later, they got what they wanted.

Jack was their first kid and was healthy. Jack inspired Kevin to start boxing. He mastered the art in college, so he thought it was a good idea.

He entered the pros and dominated the entire heavyweight division. He knocked out every contender that faced him, everyone couldn’t even make it past the 5th round.

Most got knocked out in the 1st. He challenged the champ and knocked him out in the 7th. Because of this, Kevin became the heavyweight champ of the world.

It is 2012. In that same year, he and Marley had two more kids, Jordan and Madison. Kevin made 2 successful title defenses after that. However, Marley and Kevin’s marriage got shaky, so they divorced a year later. Kevin also retired from boxing and vacated his titles.

Ten years later, we are brought to the present day. Jack was 6 when his dad and mom divorced, and he is now 16.

Jack misses his dad very much. Jordan and Madison are now 11 and don’t know their dad or what he looks like, but want to meet him and spend time with him.  

The opportunity came when Marley said, “I’m gonna take a vacation for a month, so I’ll have to find you a caretaker.” Jack was exhilarated. Jordan and Madison were confused.

Their family friend, who was basically their uncle, knocked on their door. When they opened the door, they had an amazing idea.

Jack told his mom and his Uncle Arthur to huddle up. Jack said to his mom in a whisper, “How about me, Uncle Arthur, Jordan, and Madison go and see Dad?”

To which his mom replied, “No.” But after seeing there were no babysitters and that Jack wasn’t a good caretaker, she said fine.

They got their tickets and flew out to San Diego. Jack was excited, and Uncle Arthur was too, as he was a friend of Kevin’s since 6th grade and hasn’t seen him in 5 years.

Jordan and Madison felt excited, too, as they would get to see their “uncle”, who was really their dad. They arrived and were picked up by Kevin, who hugged the kids and then hugged Arthur.

He drove the kids and Arthur to his house, which was 30 minutes away from San Diego, and talked to them on the way. Everyone was shocked when they arrived at his ranch.

The house was luxurious! He had an Xbox Series X, PS5, Switch, and every console, and also had a nice living room and house in general. Kevin said to the kids, “Anyone up for Minecraft?”

To which the kids replied, “Yes, and you are the coolest old guy ever.” Kevin and Arthur laughed.

They built an awesome base. And then proceeded to get pizza from “Paulie’s Pizzeria.” As they went to sleep, they wondered, “Can this get any better?” And Arthur wondered, “Where does that pizzeria get its ingredients?”

P.S. Kevin retired 18-0-0 with 18 knockouts. His last name is Harrison, and his middle name is Charles.

And that concludes the first episode! I hope you enjoyed it! Anyways, I go to church in like an hour, so yeah. See ya.

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