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If some of you are OGS and know who I’m talking about may have noticed she was gone, like me. I know I may have been offline for a while too, but she/he hasn’t been on in about 3 weeks, almost 4 weeks (a month). The last thing she said was “I’ll be back from vacation tomorrow and will start posting daily.” 2-3 months ago (On her profile it says 3 months and on the wall, it says 2 months). And you would be able to see if she/he was active or talking to people before that. Usually, she/he isn’t very inactive, and the cause of her/he being inactive made her/he go to 2nd place on the top 25 board. On KidzTalk, 3 days ago she/he said “time to come back from the dead”.  She/he hasn’t yet responded yet.

I’ve also come to notice that her/his pfp doesn’t have a picture anymore and has gone to default. This part of info isn’t as important but I’m curious to know why he/she did this.

The overall question is…

Where did Pumpkin go?

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