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Where did Pumpkin go?: Re: Where did JD go?

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If my “Where did Pumpkin go?” post was posted you’ll know what this is. But instead, this is about @jd2005, another OG that has gone inactive. Usually, he/she would be on most of the time Just like @pumpkin is. His/her case is more serious. He/she hasn’t been on in 7 months, 4 weeks ago, almost 8 months. The last thing he/she said was

“Thank you so much 😭

What is the Wayback Machine and how can I access it? “

Which was 7-8 months ago.

On KidzTalk he/she was active a day ago. It seems to me that most people are going to KidzTalk nowadays. I hope he/she comes back. (Along with Pumpkin)

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