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YOU READ THE TITLE. One of his last comments on KN said he wasn’t leaving until he was 18!! WHERE DID HE GO?????

Also, I did not see his post about his rivalry with me Tanks and Dragons- Race of Dash201 and Esie…

UNTIL NOW, ALMOST A YEAR AFTER ITS BEING PUBLISHED. And my pfp DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER look like the pic he put of there, but I may change it to that just for laughs.

My reaction:

I was doing a deep dive into Dash201’s account when I see the post.

Me: Wait, wut

Oooh, I forgot we had a point grudge.

THIS WAS WRITTEN ALMOST A YEAR AGO?? Why didn’t somebody tell me? Why didn’t I see this before?

In that post, he said that nobody would win, and that I had a 0.01 percent chance of ever passing him, BUT I PASSED PUMPKIN NEVERTHELESS. I need a rivalry again because I have no idea what to do once I reach Champion. Idk.

Anywho, I cannot find any clue to where Dash has gone. His last post was something about satellites arguing. I’ve done my homework. And I can’t figure it out. Is anyone here a detective? Alex? Fishyboi? Anyone?

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